How to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley and get more storage

Your two-storey house in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Figuring out how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley will allow you to get more rooms, additional floors, and upgraded storage, but it's very costly. The process is also not especially obvious and is tied to your story quest progression, so you'll need to play a bit of the game to get acquainted with Scrooge McDuck before you can start the home improvements. We've got the details on how to upgrade your house and storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to upgrade your Disney Dreamlight Valley house

Fast Travel

Disney Dreamlight Valley restored fast travel wishing well

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Unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel and get around faster

Firstly, make sure you've opened Goofy's stall and have completed a quest called Scrooge McDuck's Grand Reopening to open Scrooge's shop - Scrooge is one of the first NPCs you'll get access to in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you should complete this quest within your first few hours. Next, you'll get a quest called Dreamlight Valley Economy 101. It's a quick one, and just requires you to sell seven gems to Goofy at his stall. 

Scrooge chats to your about your house by a pond in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once you've sold the gems, go back to Scrooge and he'll tell you that he's installed an elevator in your house that will allow you to upgrade your house's interior. The elevator appears just inside and to the left of your home's front door, and will allow you to expand your main space and also extend to additional rooms for varying amounts of Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins:

  • First main room expansion: 1000 coins
  • Second main room expansion: 2000 coins for second room expansion
  • Additional rooms: 3000 coins for 10x10, 2000 coins for 8x8, 1000 coins for 6x6

It's possible to add three additional rooms to your first floor if you so wish.

How to get more storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Scrooge explaining exterior home upgrades by a building sign in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave puzzles

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave entrance

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You might need to store some items to later solve the Mystical Cave puzzles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you've made one internal upgrade, the next time you come back home, Scrooge will have erected a builder sign outside your house - make sure you check your mailbox outside your house for any items from Founder's Packs for Disney Dreamlight Valley too.

This sign will allow you to upgrade your house's exterior and also expand the storage capacity of every chest you build. You can build as many chests as you like, but initially, they'll only have one row of storage capacity. This is enhanced by upgrading the exterior of your home. We've only managed to unlock the second stage of the exterior upgrade so far, which unlocks the second floor of your home too.

  • First external upgrade: 2000 coins (additional storage row unlocked)
  • Second external upgrade: 20,000 coins (third and fourth storage row unlocked)
  • Third external upgrade: 75,000 (storage upgrade level unknown)

Just remember that you can craft as many chests as you want in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and make sure to place them by cookers and crafting tables to instantly access the items inside. This'll save you from having to fill your backpack with ingredients to cook things like the crudites recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And if you want to expand the number of inventory slots in your backpack, you just need to pay the required Star Coin amount on the inventory screen.

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