How to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites recipe is deceptively simple, and if you don't know what this vegetable picnic dish is, it can be tricky to figure out. Crudites are just raw vegetables, such as carrots, peppers, or cucumbers, that are sometimes  chopped and sliced into sticks and served with various dips. It's a bit strange that the Disney Dreamlight Valley version must be cooked, despite crudites being raw, but that doesn't stop Mickey Mouse requesting five plates of the stuff, along with two fish sandwiches, for his picnic during the Missing Minnie quest. Here's how to make crudites in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and fish sandwiches if you need help.

Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites recipe

Thankfully the Disney Dreamlight Valley crudites recipe is really simple. All you need is a single vegetable to throw into your cooking pot - a carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, or mushroom, for example. Just make sure it's not lettuce as that will make a salad instead. Put your chosen ingredient into the pot and then select 'Start Cooking' to prepare the crudite dish.

Making crudites at the stove in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking at chez remy restaurant

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As a one-star recipe, it's not too fussy, unlike other dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that require really specific items - like the Disney Dreamlight Valley ratatouille recipe that you'll need to cook if you want Remy to become a resident in your Valley. However, the game states that "any" vegetable works but in reality it's carrot, cucumber, mushrooms, or bell pepper only. Preparing the recipe once also adds it to your recipe collection so you can quickly refer back to it (or just use this guide).

If you're preparing crudites for Mickey Mouse's picnic, just repeat the crudites cooking process until you've got five crudites dishes ready to serve up to Mickey. Although, the famous mouse also requests two fish sandwiches, which are much easier to figure out the recipe for, but if you're stuck, you'll find the details below!

Disney Dreamlight Valley fish sandwich recipe

Just in case you need a reminder on how to make the other recipe for Mickey's picnic, here's the Disney Dreamlight Valley fish sandwich recipe:

  • Any fish
  • Wheat

The fish sandwich in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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You might also want to know how to upgrade your house in Disney Dreamlight Valley  so you can have more kitchen space for cooking, and more storage for all those ingredients.

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