How to fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley restored fast travel wishing well
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Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel is great for getting around your village, but you'll need to unlock Wishing Wells first if you want to magically teleport around. However, these wells can be a pain to unlock as you need to spend Star Coins and collect orbs, but doing so is well worth it for efficient movement - you'll want to complete the 'Friendship is Everything' quest ASAP to get a Wishing Well up and running, and then you can get to work on the rest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you've got wells and a few Realms open, you can even use the Dream Castle on the map to get around too.

Here’s what you need to know about unlocking Wells and using fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to use Wishing Wells for Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel

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To fast travel using a Disney Dreamlight Valley Wishing Well, you must make sure it is active first. Active wells are marked on the map with a purple icon and look clean, uncorrupted by dark magic, and are not covered by wooden boards. If you have any active wells, you can fast travel to one by clicking the relevant icon on the map. Clicking the icon will immediately teleport you to your chosen well. Aside from only being able to travel to active wells, there are no other restrictions – you can warp to a well from anywhere and at any time, although certain quests may temporarily block fast travelling.

Unfortunately, you won’t get proper access to the Wishing Well fast travel option until you visit a Realm and get a quest from Merlin called ‘Friendship Is Everything’. Here’s what you must do to complete this quest and unlock Wishing Well fast travel:

  1. Reach Friendship Level 5 with three different Disney villagers.
  2. Speak to Merlin again.
  3. Collect the Orb of Friendship from the thorns and place it into the nearby Pillar.
  4. Speak to Merlin at the Peaceful Meadow Wishing Well.

Disney Dreamlight Valley corrupted wishing well

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave puzzles

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave entrance

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To get the Orb of Power, you'll need to solve three Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave puzzles

Placing the Orb of Friendship into the Pillar cleanses the area of any dark magic and makes the well safe, but it’s badly damaged. Merlin will also magic up some repairs, therefore allowing you to use the well for fast travel. Each area in Dreamlight Valley has its own well, and you’ll need to go through roughly the same procedure laid out above: get the area’s relevant orb and place it in the pillar to cleanse the well. However, Scrooge McDuck and his money-making antics means you’ll have to pay a Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins fee to repair a well to use it for fast travel from now – where’s Merlin’s magic when you need it?!

How to use the Dream Castle for Disney Dreamlight Valley fast travel

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The second fast travel method is by using the Dream Castle. Much like with the Wishing Wells, you can click on the Dream Castle icon on the map, which is just above the main plaza area, except you’ll be able to choose from a list of places to teleport to. This includes all the Wishing Wells you’ve restored, and all the Disney Realms that you’ve unlocked access to within the Dream Castle. Do note that you can’t travel from Realm to Realm, so you must return to main Dreamlight Valley world and use the Dream Castle again to travel elsewhere.

Disney Dreamlight Valley dream castle covered in night thorns

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Access to the Dream Castle is granted quite early on as part of the quest called ‘The Dream Castle’, which is around the time you'll also be getting the Disney Dreamlight Valley Royal Tools. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Meet Merlin at the Dream Castle. He’ll explain that you need to gather Dreamlight – a currency earned from completing challenges and duties – to remove the Night Thorns from the castle.
  2. Gather 2,000 Dreamlight and return to the castle.
  3. Spend Dreamlight to remove the Night Thorns and unlock the castle interior.
  4. Head inside the castle and choose your first Realm.

With the castle unlocked, you’ll now be able to use its Wishing Well and Realm fast travel capabilities in Disney Dreamlight Valley by clicking on its map icon. Realms allow you to get new quests and characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to move faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley well fed buff

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While Disney Dreamlight Valley has fast travel, it unfortunately lacks a sprint button of any kind to increase your movement speed. However, you can get the temporary Well Fed bonus that makes you move roughly 15% faster. This buff is active whenever your Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy bar is overfilled after eating a hearty prepared meal. We've got plenty of other Disney Dreamlight Valley tips here too.

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