How to get Snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs are used to craft some festive decorations and are needed for certain quests, but you've got to dig them up from the Frosted Heights first. Thanks to the Toy Story update, there are new crafting recipes that require snowballs. They're not essential for any quests, but who doesn't want an entire family of snowfolk and a little snow hut for them to live in? While Snowballs might not be abundant, they are at least easy to collect - a lot like Disney Dreamlight Valley Clay and then later Disney Dreamlight Valley Rich Soil. Here’s exactly how you can get yourself some Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs and what they can be used for.

How to find Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs

Finding snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Falling Water and Ice Heart

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Find the Disney Dreamlight Valley Falling Water and Ice Heart enchantment ingredients

Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs can be found out and about in the Frosted Heights area of the map, but if you need more than a few, your best bet is to dig them up. Just grab your Shovel and start digging up the ground in the Frosted Heights - if you've not unlock this area yet, you'll need to make sure you've got 10,000 Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight to spare! Snowballs don’t have an especially high drop rate, so you’ll likely be collecting Disney Dreamlight Valley Star Coins and Soil mostly. Although, when you do dig up a Snowball, you usually get at least two at once, so it's not as arduous as it sounds to amass quite a collection of the cold stuff.

Snowballs also have chance of appearing in the rotating stock of materials at Kristoff's stall. To unlock the extra stock, you need to reach Friendship Level 10 with Kristoff and complete his final quest to upgrade his stall. Now you can use your collection for a few friendship quests or for crafting some wintry decorations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Quests that need Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs

snowballs in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Collection

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There are currently three quests that need Snowballs in Disney Dreamlight Valley. They are as follows:

  • Anna's final friendship quest "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" - needs 40 snowballs
  • Elsa's quest "The Singing Ice" - needs three snowballs
  • Remy's final friendship quest "The Unknown Flavor" - needs 15 snowballs

Disney Dreamlight Valley Snowballs crafting recipes

Snowballs have plenty of uses in crafting recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here’s a list of everything you can craft using Snowballs that we've found so far:

  • Snowy Brick Road - 1 snowball
  • Classic Snowman - 10 snowballs
  • Haughty Snowman - 10 snowballs
  • Snow Kid - 8 snowballs
  • Snow Lady - 10 snowballs
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