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iPhone game of the day: X2 Football 2010

Game: X2 Football 2010
Price: £3.99/$6.99
Size: 158MB
Buy it from the iTunes store

If you found PES on PSP a bit lacking, you'll be much more impressed with X2 Football 2010. Not only are the controls less painful to get your thumbs around, it's got full commentary too. Of course, this would mean nothing if the gameplay wasn't up to scratch, but thankfully this is avery stylish kickabout.

The game moves at a slower pace than previous instalments in the series, but this makes for a more deliberate and realistic game. The touch screen controls give you all the options you'd want for distribution and the AI is decent. With a replay mode that lets you save your best goals and your very own GamesRadar on the advertising hoardings, there's a lot to smile about here.

Above: Through on goal and a simple slotaway to the far post beckons

Above: The game's license isn't exhaustive, but a lot of names are right

Above: The keeper didn't get back in time. Go, Stevie G!

04 Jun, 2010

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