Active Life feels the burn

Sept 21, 2007

We don't have anything against exercise in itself. But when we play games we just want to play games, not burn calories. But that hasn't stopped publisher, Namco Bandai from jumping on the healthy bandwagon withWii Fitas they recently announced Active Life: Athletic World (working title) for the Wii at the Tokyo Game Show.

The game will feature a DDR-like mat controller and several minigames that will require you to get off the couch. In River Rapid (shown below), you'll need to use the Wii's remote to paddle and steer your raft through some rather serene looking rapids.

Above: Hey pops. You're not actually playing. Try picking up the remote if you want to join junior for some wholesome family fun with the Wii

Other minigames like Log Jump Runner may just inspire us to pump our flabby legs to dodge a barrage of logs by stomping on the mat, but we have our doubts.

Active Life is tentatively scheduled to release in Japan in 2008. But there's been no word on when US and UK gamers can look forward to ridiculing the return of the NES Power Pad.