BLOG True Blood 2.05

Blogger and True Blood fanatic Kell Harker gives her verdict on episode five of the second season [WARNING: contains big spoilers!]

2.05 “Never Let Me Go”
Written by Nancy Oliver
Directed by John Dahl

Blogger rating:

THE ONE WHERE Rub-a-dub-dub, Sarah gives Jason a, ahem, hand in the tub.

VERDICT The highlight of this episode is the flashback into Eric's Viking past, where we learn that 2,000 year old Godric is his maker. Telling his story it’s clear that his affection for Godric runs deep, so it’s understandable why he’s been so obsessed with finding him. Hopefully Sookie can infiltrate The Fellowship of the Sun and locate the missing Godric because as a vamp he’s one of the most interesting: brutal yet merciful, wise and scary. Also, seeing Eric expressing feelings of love and concern for another being was refreshing and may have possibly resulted in a swoon-overload in fangirls of the show everywhere.

Sarah and Jason finally give into their desires for one another in a naughty bathtub scene, where you don’t really see much but you know exactly where her hand is under all those bubbles. And after watching the entire town night-after-night engage in orgies it feels good to just have it left to my imagination. It was a wonderful tease.

The relationship between Daphne and Sam seems to flatline compared to the chemistry between all other couples on the show, making their interactions with each other unbelievable and rather boring to watch. Even though Sam has finally found a mate he can shift with - among other things - they both seem to be liking each other for the sake of convenience. More Jessica/Hoyt, less Daphne/Sam, please.

And it looks like there’s another bump in the relationship road ahead for Sookie and Bill as the episode leaves off on a cliffhanger with Bill’s maker returning. Uh-oh!

BEST SERVED 98.6 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT Laugh-out-loud dialogue when Bill reprimands Jessica after she orders a human from room service.

IT’S DEER HUNTIN’ SEASON IN BON TEMPS Daphne revealing her shapeshifting abilities to Sam (d’oh, she’s a deer!) was definitely a shocking moment in this episode. And with all the monsters lurking in the Bon Temps forest, no woodland creature or shapeshifter is safe. Could Maryann possibly be the one responsible for the scratches on Daphne’s back?

DYNAMIC GUEST STAR Ed Quinn, who played Nathan Stark on sci-fi comedy Eureka, dons fangs as tall, dark, and powerful Texas vamp Stan Davis. Yeehaw!

BEST LINE Jessica Hamby: “You are going to be so sorry when I get an eatin' disorder!”

This episode reviewed by SFX in issue 187 (three and a half stars). For more True Blood blogs and reviews, click on the True Blood tag on this page.