Former vampire Jubilee of the X-Men joins Blood Hunt in June with her own spin-off one-shot

Blood Hunt: X-Men - Jubilee #1
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The X-Men are about to bust their way into Marvel's big summer crossover Blood Hunt in a series of one-shots showcasing specific mutants, starting with none other than Jubilee. Though it may seem odd to kick things off with a mutant who has rarely had her own spotlight title, it actually makes perfect sense when you know that Jubilee was actually a vampire herself for years.

Jubilee was turned all the way back in the 2010 story 'Curse of the Mutants' in which the X-Men took on a whole horde of vampires led by Dracula. She was turned back years later in 2018's Generation X #86, when she was purged of her vampirism by a shard of the Phoenix Force.

In Blood Hunt, it's not Dracula leading the vampire invasion, but former vampire hunter Blade, who seems to have been corrupted.

In these pages, from X-Men: Blood Hunt - Jubilee #1 by writer Preeti Chhibber and artist Enid Balám, Jubilee is joined by super-vampires the Forgiven, who jump into the fray against the feral vampires that are menacing the entire Marvel Universe right now. Check it out:

"Fangs and fireworks! Running from the past is one race you'll never win — and as darkness suffuses the world, Jubilee’s past as a vampire is back to take a big bite out of her!" reads Marvel's official solicitation text for X-Men: Blood Hunt - Jubilee #1. "It's gonna take more than a couple plasma bursts to get out of this one, Jubilation…"

Blood Hunt: X-Men ; Jubilee #1 goes on sale June 12, followed by X-Men: Blood Hunt - Magik on June 26, X-Men: Blood Hunt - Psylocke on July 3, and X-Men: Blood Hunt - Laura Kinney the Wolverine on July 17.

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