A Fallout: New Vegas fan is trying to raise $500,000 to put the RPG's enigmatic antihero on the Vegas Sphere

Fallout New Vegas
(Image credit: Obsidian / Evan Zarsaz, GoFundMe)

A Fallout: New Vegas fan is attempting to raise nearly $500,000 to display one of the RPG's key players on the Las Vegas Sphere.

A GoFundMe campaign started earlier this week is attempting to raise $487,710 to "display Mr House on the Las Vegas Sphere for one day." Complete with a pretty nifty photoshop of the characters CRT-lined, moustachioed face spread across the orb, the campaign description argues that "it's only right" the "the sole proprietor of the Las Vegas strip" should "make his presence known in the crown jewel of the Mojave."

New Vegas fans will likely be intimately familiar with Mr House. He is, after all, much of the reason why the city even continues to exist, and as such plays a substantial role in the latter parts of the game. Fallout TV show fans might also be familiar with the character, due to a small part which could yet prove to grow substantially with Fallout Season 2.

For now, the campaign to get Mr House on the Las Vegas Sphere doesn't seem likely to get very far. After two days it's only gained a fraction of the money it would need to - renting out the Sphere's billboard feature costs $450,000 a day, and we're currently sitting at just $245. Still, I admire the person who threw a full hundred bucks towards the fundraiser, safe in the knowledge that, in the long term, Mr House always wins.

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