Manor Lords might get pigs, but the developer "can't decide" if they should live inside or outside like chickens

Top-down shot of a Manor Lords village overrun with sheep
(Image credit: Hooded Horse / u/Jamesblonde333)

Pigs might be introduced in the same manner as chickens in Manor Lords, but the game's developer can't make their mind up on the matter.

Right now, chickens and sheep operate as building-based animals in Manor Lords - both have buildings in which the creatures reside, so the chickens have Chicken Coops, for example. Pigs might well be introduced in the same manner, eventually, having one dedicated building for them in Manor Lords.

However, the game's developer can't make their mind up on how pigs should function. In the tweet below, the Manor Lords developer responds to someone asking whether pigs will function the same way as chickens, or if they'll be put out to pasture in a wide open field, and have a family assigned to take care of them. "I actually can't decide" is the response from Manor Lords' developer.

"I think they should be like chicken + goats and you should be able to also dedicate a building to them like with sheep," responds another player on Twitter, adding that the player should be able to decide on which system to use. The developer responds that choosing one definitive system would be preferable to avoid confusion for players, however.

Another player adds that pigs were apparently considered a form of cattle in the Medieval era, so a pasture makes sense for them rather than a building. "Really? I read somewhere that both cattle and pigs were mostly kept at home in very tiny numbers," responds the developer, prompting a lengthy debate from numerous users on where pigs are kept.

One Twitter user writes that they have friends who keep pigs in a "small barn on the side of their house." Another user writes that "[Raising] a pig was a really hard decision for some families," which I have zero difficulty imagining. Folk could barely take care of themselves in Medieval times, let alone put a roof over a pig, horse, or a cow.

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