Oh no, they're adding the Oregon Trail to American Truck Simulator and I think it's a horror game now

American Truck Simulator
(Image credit: SCS Software)

I have just seen the trailer for American Truck Simulator's Nebraska DLC and I'm not sure I'm going to recover. The things developer SCS Software is asking us to do with an 18-wheeler are downright horrifying.

Take a look at the trailer yourself below - if you dare - starting at the 1:33 mark, where an unsuspecting trucker finds a road closed due to construction on a dark and stormy night. The driver pulls off for a detour, marked as the "old Oregon Trail adventure road." Folks, this road does not contain adventure, but rather terror. Terror in the form of a route through a cave with a wooden bridge so old and rickety you'd have a hard time convincing Indiana Jones to cross it. 

American Truck Simulator is typically a pretty grounded affair, notwithstanding a handful of goofy Easter eggs, and I can't recall any previous instance of a road quite like this. ATS typically encases its roads with invincible guardrails or invisible walls, but that'd be tough to justify with a dangerous-looking cave road like this. Will we be able to tip over the side? Is my precious canary yellow Peterbilt 389 at risk of destruction? Can I… die in American Truck Simulator?

Woof, those thoughts are too concerning to hold onto right now. The Nebraska DLC is set to launch on May 16. The game's next states are set to be Arkansas and Missouri, the latter of which I've waited eight years for.

We'll soon have to update our list of the best horror games. 

Dustin Bailey
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