Epic Beard Man's Punch-Out!!

Bring amber lamps, this meme's still got a pulse

By now we've all seen and effectively "gotten over"Epic Beard Manand his cantankerous fightin' words, but before we collectively move on to something new, please to enjoy this expertly done Punch-Out!! homage. If you're familiar with the NES classic, you'll no doubt love all the little touches.

Probably should mention there's some cussin' and some blood in there, and it's altogether a serious account of an Oakland bus argument gone awry. But we're not here to have intelligent, meaningful discourse about race relations and general assholery. Instead, we'll share a couple of similar videos that combined gameyness into real-world scenarios.

Above: Mega Man finally meets a villain he can't stop - the Wicker Man

Above: The Slap Chop gets an emphatic endorsement from Team Fortress 2

Above: And finally, we have a baby caught on the business end of Guile's flash kick