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Epic Beard Man's Punch-Out!!

By now we've all seen and effectively "gotten over"Epic Beard Manand his cantankerous fightin' words, but before we collectively move on to something new, please to enjoy this expertly done Punch-Out!! homage. If you're familiar with the NES classic, you'll no doubt love all the little touches.

Probably should mention there's some cussin' and some blood in there, and it's altogether a serious account of an Oakland bus argument gone awry. But we're not here to have intelligent, meaningful discourse about race relations and general assholery. Instead, we'll share a couple of similar videos that combined gameyness into real-world scenarios.

Above: Mega Man finally meets a villain he can't stop - the Wicker Man

Above: The Slap Chop gets an emphatic endorsement from Team Fortress 2

Above: And finally, we have a baby caught on the business end of Guile's flash kick