Rocket League Llama-Rama Challenges: How to unlock rewards in Fortnite and Rocket League

Fortnite Rocket League Llama-Rama Challenges
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The Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges celebrate the coming together of two giants in the free-to-play gaming world, since Rocket League has recently dropped the entry fee and opened its doors to all players who want to try their hand at the futuristic sport of hitting giant balls with cars. Not only does this event bring various items themed around the battle royale into Rocket League, including llamas galore and the iconic battle bus, but completing the Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges will also unlock Soccar-styled rewards that can be claimed in Fortnite.

If you're a new player to Rocket League or haven't driven out onto the pitch for a while, then it may not be obvious how to find and beat these tasks, and that's why we're here to explain things. Follow our guide to completing the Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges, and you'll gather up your rewards in no time.

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What are the Rocket League Llama-Rama Challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games / Psyonix Studios)

Although there are 10 Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges in total, only five of them are tied to Fortnite reward items for both games. These are as follows:

  • Play an Online Match in Any Playlist
    Rocket League Reward: Llama Flyer Antenna
    Fortnite Reward: Rocket League Spray

  • Win 1 Online Match in Casual with the Llama Flyer Antenna
    Rocket League Reward: Top Llama Topper
    Fortnite Reward: Holodata Drop Contrail

  • Get 5 goals, saves, or assists in Online Matches with the Top Llama Topper
    Rocket League Reward: Octane: Loot Llama Decal
    Fortnite Reward: Rocket League Emoticon

  • Win 5 Online Matches in Any Playlist with the Octane: Loot Llama Decal
    Rocket League Reward: Llama Wheels
    Fortnite Reward: Rocket Groove Music Track

  • Get MVP in any Online Match with the Llama Wheels
    Reward: Battle Bus Body
    Fortnite Reward: Octane RL Back Bling (and Style Variant)

As you should be able to see, each of the subsequent Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges on the list requires the reward from the previous assignment to be equipped. This means you should make sure you're regularly returning to the garage to customise your car, so that your ongoing progress counts towards the next task, as there is no in-game notification when you complete one of them. This is especially important for the fourth challenge, as unless you're already using the Octane body then you'll need to switch vehicles so you can apply the Loot Llama decal.

How to redeem Rocket League Llama-Rama rewards

Fortnite Rocket League Llama-Rama Challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games / Psyonix Studios)

After you complete each of the Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges, you'll need to access the event page to redeem your reward so you can equip it for the next task. From the main menu screen, follow the View Challenges prompt then move the cursor down and select the Llama-Rama pane at the bottom. This will bring up the event challenges list, where you can select any completed assignments to receive your prize. Note that sometimes the cursor doesn't appear on this screen which will prevent you from selecting any challenges – if that happens, back out to the previous screen and enter the Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges section again until you have a cursor.

How to redeem Fortnite Llama-Rama rewards

Fortnite Rocket League Llama-Rama Challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games / Psyonix Studios)

Once you've beaten any or all of the Rocket League Llama-Rama challenges, simply load up Fortnite and they will appear on the Items Acquired screen as soon as you log in. As usual, you can then scroll through this list and equip any items you want to use straight away, before claiming everything else to be added to your locker screen inventory.

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