Where to kick a soccer ball 100 meters in Fortnite

As part of the latest set of challenges, players need to kick a soccer ball 100 metres in Fortnite. This may sound like a long way, but thanks to the placement of one of the two soccer balls we’ve found in Fortnite, it’s actually fairly simple to complete. You don't need to be Wayne Rooney or David Beckham to score this challenge; you don't even have to get it in a goal! Here's the easiest place to complete the Fortnite kick a soccer ball 100 metres challenge, along with a second location if you don't fancy the easy option for ticking off this entry in the Fortnite Meowscles' Mischief challenges.

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 Where to kick a soccer ball 100 meters in Fortnite 

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In order to beat this challenge in one fell swoop, you want to head to an unmarked mountain. Indicated by number one on the map, you can find it north-west of Frenzy Farm and south of Craggy Cliffs. Land up here and along with two chests and some floor loot, you'll also find a soccer ball perched right on top.

Now there's two ways you can complete the challenge from here. The first — and easiest — way is to destroy one of the fence panels guarding the edge of the mountain, then simply kick the ball off the side of the hill. Thanks to how big the mountain is, this should complete the challenge in one go as it'll continue rolling for quite a while, as long as you don't kick it straight into a tree.

You can also dribble the ball slowly down the other side of the hill, if you'd rather keep track of where it goes. This will take longer and you're more likely to be shot at while you do it, but you can ensure it definitely travels 100 metres. And showcase your skills to any onlooking scouts while you're at it.

If that location doesn't work for you, look to the other spot on the map marked with the number two. This is a classic Fortnite location; the ol' soccer pitch in the middle of Pleasant Park. As always, there's a soccer ball on the centre circle, but the problem is that it's been taken over by AI henchmen. If you kill the ones patrolling the top section, you can kick the ball away and continue to dribble it for 100 metres. But seriously, just go to the top of the mountain. It's much easier.

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