CB Radio Fortnite locations - where to interact with a CB radio in Believer Beach

Fortnite CB radios locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite CB radios have made a return to the island, after we waved them goodbye following the Foreshadowing quests that guided us to the end of the previous season. Instead of Bunker Jonesy we now have Sunny trying to intercept a transmission, and to clear the related legendary instalment of the Fortnite Week 5 quests you have to interact with a CB radio to hear Mari's broadcast. It's handy then that Sunny has kept these devices in her region of Fortnite, so you only need to search in the Believer Beach area to find all of the receivers, but if you're looking for specific details then these are all of the Fortnite CB radios locations.

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Fortnite CB Radios locations in Believer Beach

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Unlike their previous appearance when they were dotted around the entire island, you'll now find all of the Fortnite CB radios within the Believer Beach point of interest. You can identify them as they're sat on fold out tables next to tin foil hats – another nod to the alien conspiracy and invasion now taking place. We've identified five possible Fortnite CB radios locations for you to interact with, which are marked on the map as follows:

  1. At the roadside by the west entrance to the trailer park
  2. On the street corner at the east end of the trailer park
  3. Under the magenta gazebo in the central parking lot
  4. Under the magenta gazebo on the pier
  5. On the east side of the beach, just outside the enclosed pool

Simply go up to any of the Fortnite CB radios in Believer Beach and follow the Tune prompt to interact with them, which will let you hear Mari's message and move on to the next legendary quest.

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