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iPhone game of the day: Deadball Specialist

Game: Deadball Specialist
Price: £0.59/$0.99
Size: 12.4MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store

Don't let the simple premise fool you. Deadball Specialist may 'only' be a game about taking free kicks, but it's a perfect fit for iPhone. Getting the ball up, over the wall and down again with the flick of your finger is an art - and with a scoring system that rewards pinpoint precision, you'll be absolutely hooked on this.

You start off with an open goal, but soon have to face a wall of players. It gets really hard too, but you never feel the game cheated you out of points. The sensitive kick circle always does what you ask, with bend, top and back spin as well as kick power, determined by how quickly you move your finger. It's definitely not one of those 'sweet spot' games where you can get it right cheaply every time. At this small file size and price, it's a no-brainer for anyone who fanciesbending it like Beckham.

Above: Start your kick anywhere on the ball then slide up to shoot. Easy?

09 Jun, 2010

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