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Apex Legends Crypto, the rumoured new character, has been spotted in-game

(Image credit: Respawn)

A new Legend has long been rumoured to be making their way to Apex Legends thanks to teasers shown in the run up to Season 2. Hacker Crypto, which might not be their official name, is said to be the next Legend, and now they've actually made an appearance in-game to add even more credibility to their impending arrival. Redditor FrozenFroh posted a video showing Crypto behind a window hacking away deep in the Singh Labs in Kings Canon. 

In Singh Labs, you have to kick down a secret door to see Crypto behind the glass getting up to their hacking antics. Once spotted, the character will look back and quickly make a run for it with their little aerial drone companion. Season 3 is set to kick off on October 1, and this tease could very well mean Crypto could be joining in very soon. It's such a neat way to continue to tease us with the possibility of playing this hacker in future. Just what were they doing in the Labs? Well, we'll have to wait and see.

(Image credit: Reddit: u/FrozenFroh)

Crypto appears in the first shot of the Season 2 trailer - he stands on a cliff overlooking a valley before sliding a drive into a laptop he's holding and accessing some mainframe. You can also see a Crypto poster in the background of the official wallpaper art for Pathfinder, created by artist 2buiArt. In the foreground, Pathfinder imagines being a champion; in the background, you can see Crypto on a colossal sign with the Hangul words for Talchum, a Korean dance performed while wearing masks like the one on the poster. The concept art Crypto has dreadlocks, while this official one, as seen in pictures posted on Reddit, is rocking a shorter, sleeker side part. It looks like Crypto has kept his outfit - he's in the same neon-green lined silver jacket we've seen before. He's also carrying what seems like a pistol, but is missing the sword on his back pictured in the concept art.  

As we reported back in March, we got the jackpot of Apex Legends leaked characters, including designs for Season 1's Legend Octane and Season 2's Wattson that proved to be spot-on. Among the other character designs was Crypto. YA collaborative deep-dive into files, code, and lore by Redditor FrozenFroh and Twitter user That1MiningGuy explains how Crypto could be the one letting the flyers breach the barrier around Kings Canyon. A script line for "crypto_laptop_tease" comes with coordinates for an out-of-the-way area near the Repulsor zone on the Apex Legends map. And guess who was also a part of that leak? Yeah, it's Crypto. When he'll be joining the game is yet unknown.

YouTuber Staycation riffed on the datamined leaks with some of his own theories, like the concept of Crypto being a villainous hero like Caustic as a counter to the noble Wattson. Staycation agrees with the prediction that Crypto will hack into the Repulsor tower, bringing it down and opening up Kings Canyon to all manner of alien creatures. Again, this is all speculation, but it's fun to hear Staycation's concept for Crypto's big debut in Apex Legends.

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