Anthony Daniels addresses his Ahsoka cameo – and pays tribute to Princess Leia

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Anthony Daniels continued Star Wars tradition when he returned for Ahsoka episode 7. The actor, who’s played C3PO since 1977, appeared in a brief role in the senate scene with Hera Syndulla as he relayed a message from none other than Leia Organa. 

Now, Daniels has shared a little insight into the cameo and paid tribute to everyone’s favorite Star Wars princess. "I was so pleased to shine briefly in the iconic Ahsoka – had such a perfect time with the lovely cast and crew on set, in the amazing Volume," he wrote on Twitter following the episode airing. "And now, so touched by the kind comments from viewers who appreciated 3PO being there for the beloved princess. Thank you. Everyone."

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Threepio has become a staple of Star Wars and its various spin-offs, appearing in almost every project. Ahsoka is his 12th live-action appearance after starring in all nine Star Wars movies, Rogue One, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

His appearance in Ahsoka was also a great way of including Leia in the story while she’s busy working as the head of the Defense Council. The moment left some fans wondering if it could be setting up a potential cameo in the Ahsoka season finale. After all, as our writer argues, it could be the right time to cast a new actor to play the iconic role.

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