Who are the Nightsisters of Dathomir in Star Wars? Morgan Elsbeth's ancestors explained

Morgan Elsbeth in Ahsoka
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Who are the Nightsisters of Dathomir? If you're up to date on Ahsoka episode 6, you might be wondering who these mysterious magick users are. 

As we learned earlier in Ahsoka, Morgan Elsbeth is a descendant of the witches, and the women have been essential in the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn – the map to his location was concealed in one of their temples. Though Ahsoka Tano managed to steal it, the villains eventually got it back... and used it. 

We've got everything you need to know about the Nightsisters of Dathomir below, including the lowdown on their magick powers and where we've seen them in Star Wars before. The women have appeared in both Rebels and The Clone Wars, and we've got the essential information here – as well as what it means for Ahsoka. A warning that the following contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 6, so turn back now if you're not caught up!

Who are the Nightsisters of Dathomir? 

Nightsisters of Dathomir in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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The Nightsisters of Dathomir are witches from – you guessed it – the planet Dathomir, which has a particularly strong connection to the dark side of the Force. You might already know it as Darth Maul's home planet. 

The Nightsisters are magick wielders (yes, magick exists in Star Wars as a supernatural dimension of the Force, specifically via the dark side). 

The Nightsisters' magick involves ichor, a sickly green mist on Dathomir, which they use as part of their rituals. It gives their powers a very distinctive look, as you can see above. 

Where have we seen the Nightsisters of Dathomir in Star Wars before?

Nightsisters of Dathomir in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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The Nightsisters feature often in The Clone Wars – and are particularly involved in the process that brought Darth Maul back into the story following his apparent death in The Phantom Menace

With their magick, the Nightsisters both brought Maul back from the brink of death and restored him to health, and also turned his brother Savage Oppress into a stronger, angrier, and more powerful version of himself. In fact, Maul and Savage's mother, named Talzin, was Clan Mother, AKA leader, of the Nightsisters. 

The Nightsisters, though, had dangerous enemies. The Emperor was no fan of them, and they made a mortal nemesis of Count Dooku. Dooku had an apprentice named Asaj Ventress, but the Emperor eventually ordered him to get rid of her. After Dooku attempted to have his apprentice killed, the Nightsisters wanted their revenge – Ventress was born into the coven. They sent Savage as a double operative, but, when that didn't work and Ventress tried to return to the witches, Dooku sent General Grievous to eliminate the Nightsisters. The battle killed the majority of the women – though the likes of Asaj Ventress, Talzin, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Survivor character Merrin survived. 

The spirits of the Nightsisters also appear in Star Wars Rebels. Maul takes Ezra Bridger to Dathomir to undertake a ritual that would give them both information they seek after an incident with a Jedi and Sith holocron (for the full story, head to our guide on everything you need to know about Star Wars Rebels through the link). The spirits of the Nightsisters craved blood, so things got pretty terrifying very quickly, but luckily Ezra was able to destroy the altar powering them and they vanished. 

What does this mean for Morgan Elsbeth and Ahsoka?

Morgan Elsbeth in Ahsoka

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It looks like Morgan herself can wield magick, thanks to the green flame that spurts into life when she opens the map to Thrawn's location – making her into even more of a formidable foe than she already seemed after her run-in with Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 5

Significantly, Morgan also describes herself as a "survivor," suggesting she may have survived Grievous' assault on Dathomir during The Clone Wars. That's a tantalizing bit of backstory for this mysterious woman, and it ties in with what Ahsoka says of her in The Mandalorian: the former Jedi reveals that Morgan's people were killed in The Clone Wars.

Peridea, Thrawn's location, is also the Nightsisters' home world. When Morgan, Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati, and Sabine Wren arrive in Ahsoka episode 6, they're greeted by three Great Mothers. It's these women who have been calling to Morgan across the galaxies. 

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