Where is Ahsoka in Revenge of the Sith? The Clone Wars has the answer

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Where is Ahsoka during Revenge of the Sith? If you're watching the Ahsoka show now, it might be a question on your mind. After all, since Ahsoka Tano was Anakin Skywalker's apprentice, shouldn't she have a big presence in the live-action prequel movies?

Below, we break down just what Ahsoka is up to in Revenge of the Sith, as well as why she's not in The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones. Since we're delving into The Clone Wars season 7, you'll find spoilers for the final season of the animated show below – but no spoilers for Ahsoka. 

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Where is Ahsoka in Revenge of the Sith?

Ahsoka in The Clone Wars

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Ahsoka doesn't make an appearance in any of the live-action Star Wars prequels – she's absent from The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones because they're set too early on the Star Wars timeline, and, while Revenge of the Sith is happening, she's busy elsewhere. 

Ahsoka quits the Jedi Order in The Clone Wars season 5 and doesn't make a single appearance in season 6 (apart from a cameo in a Force vision experienced by Yoda). The show ended there originally, until season 7 was released in 2020 on Disney Plus. This final season runs concurrently with Revenge of the Sith and fills in all the gaps. 

Anakin and Ahsoka reunite in season 7, but they soon separate again thanks to different missions. Anakin accompanies Obi-Wan Kenobi to rescue Chancellor Palpatine from General Grievous and Count Dooku (as seen at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith), while Ahsoka goes to Mandalore to deal with Darth Maul, who wields the Darksaber and rules the planet. 

Maul had hoped to lure Anakin to Mandalore after discovering Palpatine's dark plans for him, but, obviously, that didn't work out – and when Maul tells Ahsoka what he knows, she doesn't believe him. Maul and Ahsoka engage in an epic lightsaber duel and Maul ends up captured. While this is happening, Obi-Wan is on his way to fight (and ultimately destroy) Grievous, which leaves Anakin alone on Coruscant. 

Ahsoka and Anakin, tragically, just miss each other soon after Maul is taken into custody. Ahsoka attends a Jedi Council meeting, which she watches via hologram. Anakin, though, has already left – the first half of this meeting is seen in Revenge of the Sith, when Mace Windu sends Anakin to talk to Palpatine. This is when Anakin discovers Palpatine is actually the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, which sets into motion the chain of events that ends with Windu dead and Anakin becoming Darth Vader.  We'll always have to wonder how things could have turned out if Snips had arrived a few moments earlier and told Anakin about Maul's warning. 

Ahsoka then senses something terrible has happened on her way back from Mandalore, and Order 66 begins. She's able to fight off the clones with the help of Rex after Ahsoka removes his mind control chip. Ahsoka sets an imprisoned Maul free to cause a distraction, but of course he leaves her and Rex behind. Luckily, the duo survive and escape as their ship crashes. Despite sensing the catastrophe, Ahsoka didn't actually discover that Anakin had fallen to the dark side – so she doesn't find out her former Master is Vader until Rebels season 2. 

In the wreckage of the crashed ship, Ahsoka and Rex bury the clone troopers – and Ahsoka leaves her lightsabers behind. Later, Vader arrives, finds one of the lightsabers, and ignites it. The Clone Wars ends there. 

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