Ahsoka episode 5 gives Ahsoka a new outfit – and it's much more important than it seems

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano
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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 5! Turn back now if you're not up to date! 

Ahsoka Tano goes through quite the journey in the fifth episode of her solo series, meeting her old Master Anakin Skywalker in the World Between Worlds and reliving her past in The Clone Wars. She even clashes lightsabers with her teacher while he's in both Anakin and Darth Vader mode as he tries to teach her an extra lesson from beyond the grave. 

Ahsoka ultimately comes to the realization that she wants to live, and Anakin vanishes. When Ahsoka wakes up after being rescued from the waters of Seatos, she's all in white, and seems to have a new lease on life – gone is her more reserved, serious personality, with the Snips we know and love returned to us. Just look at her smile and go-with-the-flow attitude as she communicates with the purrgil

Significantly, Ahsoka has ditched her gray clothes for a new, white ensemble. This isn't the first time we've seen Ahsoka all in white, either, after she showed up in the Rebels season 4 finale to meet Sabine in a white cloak. 

Ahsoka Tano

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"AHSOKA THE WHITE. Dies while falling, reborn, wears all white, is mentally more clear than ever," says one fan. "Literally the Gandalf Arc"

"I LOVE the LOTR reference where she is now 'cleansed' and is now Ahsoka The White. Also love the Baptism imagery to show how she's washing off her 'sins,'" says another person. 

"Ahsoka finally becoming 'the White' because she needed to finish her training and be reminded by Anakin that she can't give up is so beautiful," says this fan

"That is what they used to call me, Ahsoka the Grey. I am Ahsoka the White, and I come back to you now," quotes another person.

Another fan has pointed out that the parallel proves Baylan Skoll's belief that Ahsoka's legacy will be death and destruction is wrong. 

Even better, the parallel is very much intentional. "In the animation, you saw her go to the white, but what I loved is the idea that there was even another level to her," Rosario Dawson told Entertainment Weekly before Ahsoka began airing (and before the ongoing SAG-AFTRA actors' strike). "Dave [Filoni] and I talked a lot about Gandalf the Gray and Gandalf the White – talking about that transition and how she's someone very capable and excellent and looked up to as a leader, but she still has levels of development to go."

We'll have to wait and see how the newly transformed Ahsoka handles the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger, but, judging by her newfound serenity, she's more than ready to handle it. 

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