Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 2-3: See-Saw Scramble      

Red Coin 1: Ground pound one of the logs to either side of the Egg-Plant to reach the coins above for your first red coin.

Red Coin 2: Collect the coins on the left-hand side giant see-saw for the second red coin.

Red Coin 3: Carry on to the right, gobble up the Koopa Troopa and spit out the shell to the left so that it slams through the breakable wall and into the coins below for the next red coin.

Flower 1: Jump across the 3 see-saws and ground pound the green log on the left, taking care not to bash the Koopa Troopa with the log being forced up to the right. Grab him and chuck him shell at the breakable wall to pick up the first flower.

Star 1 – 5: Now ground pound the right side of the green log to access the area under the wooden platform. Walk under here to make a hidden ‘?’ cloud appear containing 5 stars.

Red Coin 4: When you jump on to the large see-saw to the right of the Egg-Block, the next red coin will float into view, attached to a balloon.

Red Coin 5: Let the first see-saw drop down to the right and walk to the end--some coins will appear. Use the eggs to collect them and nab a red coin.

Flower 2: The second flower is in the ‘?’ cloud between the 2 see-saws.

Star 6 – 10: Head right and drop down into the gap between the 2 red logs to revel a hidden ‘?’ cloud full of stars.

Red Coin 6: Ground pound the red log on the right then hop onto the left log and jump into the air to reveal a hidden cloud that will release some gold coins and a red one.

Flower 3: To the right of the red logs is a secret area. Go through the pink door here to find a flower.

Red Coin 7 – 11: Exit the pink door and enter the Jackhammer Yoshi area. Traverse the course for 5 more red coins.

Flower 4: This is in the Jackhammer Yoshi area, in the pile of bricks beneath the second stopwatch.

Star 11 – 20: Exit the Jackhammer Yoshi area and go through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Star 21 – 30: To the immediate right of the warp pipe next to the Middle Ring is a hidden ‘?’ cloud containing 5 stars.

Red Coin 12 and 13: Head right, over the breakable platforms, and to the wooden platform on the right. This will lead to a small hidden alcove with 2 red coins in.

Red Coin 14: Climb up the wooden platforms to reach the Egg-Plant. This coin is amongst those directly above the Egg-Plant, between the 2 destructible platforms.

Red Coin 15 and 16: Drop down the left side of the see-saw onto the small wooden platform below and into the hidden area where you’ll find 2 red coins.

Star 31 – 35: The hidden area below the see-saw contains a hidden ‘?’ cloud, which is just above the warp pipe. Throw in an egg for 5 stars.

Red Coin 17 – 20: Go down the warp pipe to find an abundance of gold coins. Collect them all for another 3 red coins.

Flower 5: Exit the warp pipe and jump across to the second see-saw. Let it drop down to the right, walk to the edge and 2 rows of coins will appear. Collect them with an egg, which will fly into a hidden ‘?’ cloud containing the last flower.

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