Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 4-2: Underground Pokey Patrol         

Star 1 – 5: Ground pound the log to stun the Ptooie and shoot an egg into ‘?’ cloud above for 5 stars.

Star 6 – 10: Head right past the Stretch Plant and fire an egg into the ‘?’ cloud for 5 stars.

Flower 1: Destroy the stone block to the right of the ‘?’ cloud to find the first flower.

Red Coin 1: Collect the coins beneath the Ptooie for a red coin.

Red Coin 2 – 5: To the right of the Stretch Plant next to the flippers is a hidden ‘?’ cloud. Fire an egg into it to prompt the appearance of some gold coins. Collect the coins on the drop down for 4 red coins.

Flower 2: The next flower is near the end of the drop on the left-hand side.

Red Coin 6 – 10: Shoot the ‘?’ cloud to the top left of the warp pipe to drop the door to the secret area. Collect the coins here for 5 red coins.

Flower 3: The third flower is in the secret area.

Star 11 – 20: Exit the secret area, go down the warp pipe and through the Middle ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 11: Walk up the steps to the right and pick up the coins beneath the Dizzy Dandy to collect the next red coin.

Star 21 – 25: There is a hidden ‘?’ cloud above the next platform that contains 5 stars.

Red Coin 12: Head down the warp pipe next to the Flatbed Ferry and ground pound the log in this area to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud. Shoot an egg into it to make some gold coins appear. There is a red coin amongst them.

Red Coin 13 – 15: Exit the warp pipe and keep going right. Stun the Ptooie and drop down into the gap to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud that will drop a giant bouncy ball. Bounce up to the area above, hit the ‘!’ switch and collect the coins along the platform and after the drop for 3 red coins.

Flower 4: The fourth flower is also in the top area, right of the ‘!’ switch.

Star 26 – 30: At the end of these platforms is a ‘?’ cloud that will release 5 stars.

Flower 5: Ground pound the log and jump over to the platform with the Pokey on it. Gobble him up and shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud here for the fifth flower.

Red Coin 16: Continue right. The next red coin is above the platform with the Dizzy Dandy above it.

Red Coin 17: Get ready to snatch a red coin from the Fly Guy that will swoop down to the right of the warp pipe as you head down the stairs.

Red Coin 18 – 20: Pop up the warp pipe and collect the coins along the bridge for the last red coins of the level.

Star 31 – 38: Grab the guy to the right of the warp pipe in the next area and chuck him into the Tulip for 8 stars.

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