Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-1: Little Eggs, Big Eggs 

Flower 1: The first flower of the game is immediately to the right.

Red Coin 1 and 2: Keep going right and collect the coins around the warp pipes to pick up 2 red coins.

Red Coin 3 and 4: Head down the leftmost warp pipe of the 4 and collect the coins down here for 2 red coins.

Flower 2: The second flower is located in the warp pipe area.

Flower 3: Exit the warp pipe and drop down to get the next flower.

Red Coin 5: The fifth red coin is above the piranha plant.

Star 1 – 5: These are in the ‘?’ cloud to the left of the Egg Block.

Red Coin 6: Before activating the stairs (the ‘?’ cloud to the right of the egg block), go to the right and mop up the collection of coins in the bottom corner for a red coin.

Red Coin 7 – 11: Pop up the stairs to collect 6 red coins.

Star 6 – 19: Hop through the Middle Ring and you’ll receive 10 stars. The 4 Shy Guys here will turn into 4 stars when you walk through, so grab them as well to increase your star count by a total of 14.

Red Coin 12: Flutter your way over the second piranha plant to collect the red coin above it.

Star 20 – 24: As Yoshi strains his way over the second piranha plant with the threat of laying an altogether different kind of egg, have him follow the arc of coins and a ‘?’ cloud will appear in the middle. Shoot an egg into it to release 5 stars.

Red Coin 13 and 14: Take at least 2 eggs and scooch up the topsy-turvy warp pipe. Smash the blocks to reach the red coins on either side.

Flower 4: The ‘?’ cloud on the right in the warp pipe area will reveal a flower.

Red Coin 15: Exit the warp pipe and drop down to the right via the trail of coins to get the next red coin.

Red Coin 16 – 19: Use the Eggdozer to trash everything in sight then head right and drop down into area is now accessible. There are 4 red coins here.

Flower 5: The last flower is under the platform to the right of the 4 red coins.

Red Coin 20: Grab the last of the gold coins in the level for a red coin.

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