Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-7: Ground Pound Rebound    

Star 1 – 5: Toss an egg into the ‘?’ cloud on the right for 5 stars.

Red Coin 1: Ground pound the red post to access the coins--the one at the end is a red coin.

Red Coin 2 and 3: Ground pound the second red post along to the right and a hidden ‘?’ cloud will appear at the bottom. Burst it to make some golden coins appear. There are 2 red coins amongst them.

Star 6 - 10: Continue right and jump between the warp pipes to make a hidden '?' cloud appear for 5 stars.

Red Coin 4: Grab the coins above the warp pipe for a red coin.

Red Coin 5 – 7: Scooch down the warp pipe to the right and you’ll find 3 red coins here.

Flower 1: The first flower is in the warp pipe area as above.

Red Coin 8 and 9: Ground pound the set of 2 red posts to access more red coins.

Flower 2: The second flower is accessible after ground pounding the red posts as above.

Red Coin 10: Continue right. The next red coin is to the left of the warp pipe leaving the area.

Red Coin 11 – 15: Pick up the Yoshi Star in the next area and collect the coins here for a total of 6 red coins.

Flower 3: This is along the Yoshi Star track.

Star 11 – 20: When you emerge in the next area, activate the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 16: To the left of the warp pipe is a ‘?’ cloud. Shoot an egg into it to reveal gold coins and a red coin.

Flower 4: Ride the clouds up to the ledge and you’ll notice the ground here has a small section that looks like it can be broken. Ground pound the crap out of it to access a secret area with a flower.

Star 16 – 20: Keep going right. The ‘?’ cloud above the platform here contains 5 stars.

Red Coin 17: Drop down to the right and you’ll see a second ‘?’ cloud. Burst it for the next red coin.

Flower 5: This flower is visible underneath the platform. Head right, drop down and then walk through the wall to the left to access it.

Red Coin 18: After collecting the last flower, head right to second warp pipe and use the old egg rebound trick to snuffle up the coins that appeared when you landed on the small platform above the cloud.

Star 25 – 30: Head up and over the third warp pipe and burst the next ‘?’ cloud for 5 more stars.

Red Coin 19 and 20: There is a hidden alcove to the right of platform the under the '?' cloud that houses the last of the red coins.

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