Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 2-7: Hidey-Hole Hooligans       

Red Coin 1: Collect the coins around the first Wall Lakitu to find a red coin.

Star 1 – 5: There are 2 more Wall Lakitus destroying the next set of platforms to the right. Fire an egg into the‘?’ cloud here for 5 stars.

Red Coin 2: This is under the ‘?’ cloud full of stars.

Star 6 – 10: Head right to the warp pipe and go down to find gold coins and a ‘?’ cloud that will release 5 stars.

Red Coin 3: Continue right, swallow up the Giant Shy Guy and spit out the resultant Eggdozer to demolish all topside architecture of the level and collect the coins in its path.

Flower 1: The Eggdozer will pick up this flower for you as it crashes through the level.

Star 11 – 15: After the Eggdozer clears the way, go back to the left and drop down to the cloud and chuck in an egg for 5 stars.

Star 16 – 25: Enter the blue door and hop through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 4 and 5: Collect the coins along the Flatbed Ferry path for 2 red coins. One of them is being carried by a Fly Guy.

Flower 2: This is along the Flatbed Ferry route.

Red Coin 6 and 7: Climb the platforms above the green Flatbed Ferries for another 2 red coins.

Flower 3: Travel left across the pink Flatbed Ferries for the third flower.

Red Coin 8 – 10: Collect the coins as you make your way left along the pink Flatbed Ferries. Have a few eggs handy to smash through the block at the end and to pick up the coins here.

Red Coin 11 – 15: Grab all of the coins in the Helicopter Yoshi area for 5 red coins.

Flower 4: This flower is in the Helicopter Yoshi area.

Star 26 – 35: Once you’ve cleared the Helicopter Yoshi section, dive through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 16 and 17: Head right and get ready to lap up some red coins from the 2 Fly Guys hanging out above the walkway.

Red Coin 18: Collect the coins between the 2 walkways for another red coin.

Star 36 – 40: Smash the blocks around the Shy Guy and walk into the alcove he was occupying to make a hidden ‘?’ cloud appear. There are 5 stars in here.

Red Coin 19 and 20: Go along the walkway beneath the Donut Block platforms and shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud to make some gold coins appear for the last 2 red coins.

Flower 5: The ‘?’ cloud under the Donut Platforms will prompt the last flower pop up along with some gold coins.

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