Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-2: Chomp Rock 'n' Roll 

Red Coin 1: Roll the chomp rock into the unsuspecting Shy Guys then jump on top of it to reach the platform above collecting the coins on your way up to get your first red coin.

Red Coin 2 – 4: Once you’ve used the chomp rock to gain access to the platform as described above, carry on to the right and drop down to go through the door to the secret area. Show no mercy once you’re inside and push the chomp rock to the bottom of the screen, crushing anything in its path. Pick up the coins as you go for another 3 red coins.

Star 1 – 5: Jump off the first platform in the secret area to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud in the upper right corner containing 5 stars.

Flower 1: When the last Shy Guy in the secret area has been squished, a flower will appear on the platform above. Go get it!

Red Coin 5 – 10: Keep going right and wait for the Giant Shy Guy to appear. Gobble him up and poop out an egg that’s going to have Yoshi walking bow legged for the foreseeable future. Nip over to the left and use the cursor to line up a vertical shot then release the egg which will nab all of those impossible to reach coins. Use the binoculars to make sure you mopped them all up before moving on.

Red Coin 11 – 15 : Enter the door with the picture of Mine Cart Yoshi above it and traverse the course to get another 5 red coins.

Flower 2: At the end of the Mine Cart Yoshi course is the second flower.

Star 16 – 25: After the mine cart course you’ll be deposited outside of the exit door. Hop through the Middle Ring to get 10 stars.

Flower 3: Next to the Egg-Plant is a chomp rock with a ‘?’ cloud above it that contains a flower.

Red Coin 16: At the top of the incline are 2 balloons with coins attached--1 gold and 1 red. Pop the balloons or just jump up to collect them both.

Red Coin 17 – 19: Roll the chomp rock up the hill to the plateau but don’t roll it over to smash the floor to the right just yet! Very slowly roll it up the small incline. When it’s near the peak, hop on top and flutter jump up to the secret area above. Lob an egg into the ‘?’ cloud on the right to prompt the appearance of a number of gold coins, 3 of which are actually red coins.

Flower 4: Access the secret area as above and head left to pick up the flower.

Star 26 – 30: Under the fourth flower is a wooden crate. Ground pound that sucker to release 5 stars.

Star 31 – 35: Drop down and jump into the corner above the destructible platform to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud that contains 5 stars.

Flower 5: Roll the chomp rock through the floor, follow it down and roll it over the spikes. Now manoeuvre it back to the left and go down the last warp pipe to the right to find the last flower.

Red Coin 20: Pop down the warp pipe as above. The last red coin is amongst the collection at the bottom.

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