Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-5: Heads Up, Hop Up   

Star 1 – 5: Drop down to the right of the warp pipe to make a hidden ‘?’ cloud appear. It contains 5 stars.

Flower 1: Take the warp pipe to the next area, head to the right of the screen, gobbling up the Shy Guy along the way, and drop down in to the gap on the very right. This will trigger a flower and some coins to pop into being back to the left.

Red Coin 1 and 2: These appear with the first flower.

Red Coin 3: Hop onto the moving platforms and gather the coins on the right of the screen for your next red coin.

Red Coin 4 and 5: Jump up to the second set of moving platforms and shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud above. A line of coins will appear containing 2 red coins.

Star 6 – 10: In the area above are 4 ‘?’ clouds and an Egg-Plant. Hit the ‘?’ cloud second from the left to get 5 stars.

Flower 2: In the same area as above, shoot an egg into the third ‘?’ cloud from the left to reveal a flower.

Red Coin 6 – 8: Tossing an egg into the ‘?’ cloud on the right of screen will make 3 bunches of coins appear. Each formation contains a red coin.

Red Coin 9 – 10: Release the bouncy ball from the ‘?’ cloud on the left and jump up to the next area. Collect the coins here to pick up 2 more red coins.

Star 11 – 15: The ‘?’ cloud in this area will drop 5 stars after you lob an egg into it.

Flower 3: Make your way up to the platform being patrolled by the Tap-Tap and poke him off the edge with Yoshi’s tongue. Once he’s out of the way, fire an egg into the ‘?’ cloud up here and a flower and some gold coins will appear.

Red Coin 11: This will appear with the flower.

Red Coin 12 – 15: In the area above with the large moving platforms, hit the ‘?’ cloud to the left to make some more coins appear. There are 3 red coins amongst them.

Star 16 – 20: While standing on the large moving platforms collecting the coins above, have Yoshi jump into the air in the area between the 2 sets of coins to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud full of stars.

Red Coin 16: Jump up the next set of Flatbed Ferries and hop across them to access the warp pipe on the right. On the first platform in this area is 1 red coin.

Star 21 – 25: The ‘?’ cloud in the top right of this warp pipe area will release 5 stars.

Flower 4: At the very top of the warp pipe area is a flower.

Red Coin 17 and 18: Exit the warp pipe, jump up to the next set of Flatbed Ferries and collect the coins on the way up for 2 more red coins.

Red Coin 19: Jump across to the coins on the right for the next red coin.

Red Coin 20: Get ready for another Fly Guy to swoop down on the left of the screen when you pop up the next set of Flatbed Ferries. He’ll be floating around to the left of the warp pipe so prepare an egg or lick up the red coin with Yoshi’s tongue.

Flower 5: Jump up into the area to the right of the warp pipe and a hidden ‘?’ cloud containing the last flower will appear.

Star 26 – 30: Exit the area via the warp pipe and shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud in the next area for 5 more stars.

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