Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 4-8: Furious Fred de Fillet's Castle        

Star 1 – 5: The ‘?’ cloud to the right of the Egg Block holds 5 stars.

Flower 1: Drop down into the gap under the second Boo Guy’s spike trap to make the first flower appear. You can reach it with an egg.

Red Coin 1 and 2: Dropping down into the gap below the spike trap will also prompt 2 red coins to appear.

Red Coin 3 and 4: Collect the coins above the bridge for 2 more red coins.

Red Coin 5: This is above the spike traps on the way up the platforms to the right.

Red Coin 6: Drop down and over the next spike trap to pick up the next red coin.

Flower 2: This is between the platforms being pummelled by spike traps.

Red Coin 7: Grab this from the platform to the left of the blue door.

Red Coin 8: Enter the blue door. The first platform to the right holds a red coin.

Red Coin 9 – 13: Hijack the Fishin’ Lakitu’s cloud and fly up to the top area to find 4 red coins.

Flower 3: Use the Fishin’ Lakitu’s cloud to reach this.

Star 6 – 15: The ‘?’ clouds on either side of the Egg Block will release 5 stars each.

Star 16 – 25: Exit via the blue door and get your next 10 stars at the Middle Ring.

Red Coin 14: Stock up on eggs at the Egg-Plant and smash the stone blocks to the right to reveal the red coin on this platform.

Red Coin 15 and 16: To the top left of the sealed pink door is a ‘?’ cloud. Hit it with an egg to access the entrance to the secret area where you will find 2 red coins.

Red Coin 17: Use the Arrow Lift to collect the coins, including one red coin.

Flower 4: You can reach this by using the Arrow Lift.

Red Coin 18: Use the second Arrow lift to collect the next red coin.

Flower 5: This is above the platform between 2 Arrow Lifts.

Red Coin 19: Hop onto the next Arrow Lift along to grab a red coin.

Red Coin 20: The last red coin is beneath a spike trap to the left of the door to the Boss area.

Star 26 – 30: There is a hidden ‘?’ cloud to the left of the door to the boss area, directly above the mini stone platform. Fire an egg into it for 5 stars.

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