Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 5-8: Punkey the Pokey Prince's Castle         

Red Coin 1: Head right and collect the coins above the platform for the first red coin.

Flower 1: Go past the Pokeys and shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud to the left of the stone platform to release a bouncy ball that will allow Yoshi to reach the first flower.

Red Coin 2 and 3: There is a red coin amongst those to either side of the stone platform.

Red Coin 4 and 5: Grab the coins above the Egg Block for 2 more red coins.

Flower 2: Keep going right and gobble up the Pokey that is preventing the Goonie from bouncing toward you. Once he can bounce toward you, hop on top of him to reach the flower above.

Red Coin 6: Drop down to the right of the flower platform for a red coin.

Star 1 – 10: Go up the warp pipe and through the Middle Ring in the next area for 10 stars.

Red Coin 7: This coin is above the second ‘!’ block.

Flower 3: The third flower is above the third ‘!’ block.

Red Coin 8: Jump up to the second platform to the left of the Egg Block to pick up the next coin.

Red Coin 9 and 10: Hit the ‘!’ switch and flutter jump off to the left to reach 2 red coins by some flippers.

Flower 4: This flower is through the first set of flippers.

Star 11 – 15: Drop down to the left and Yoshi will pass through a hidden ‘?’ cloud full of stars on the way down.

Star 16 – 25: Go back to the ‘!’ switch and this time shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud at the top to drop a giant bouncy ball. Bounce up the warp pipe to the next area and through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 11 – 20: Ride the Arrow Lift up and collect the coins along the way for 10 red coins.

Flower 5: Shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud at the top of the Arrow Lift for the last flower.

Star 26 – 30: There are 2 hidden ‘?’ clouds in the corners below the door to the Boss area. The one on the right contains 5 stars.

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