Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 6-7: Crumble Rock Rumble           

Star 1 – 5: There is a hidden ‘?’ cloud above the warp pipe at the start of the level containing 5 stars.

Red Coin 1: This is above the first rock that falls down.

Red Coin 2: The second red coin is below the second rock that will fall down.

Red Coin 3 and 4: As this second rock is falling, jump on top and up to the platform--act fast because when it touches down, it won’t give Yoshi the leverage he needs to reach the platform.

Flower 1: This is on the platform with red coins 3 and 4.

Red Coin 5 and 6: Pick up the coins by the flippers for 2 red coins.

Flower 2: As the third rock section starts falling, jump up to the top ledge with the flower before it seals the area completely.

Star 6 – 10: Walk through the vertical set of flippers and jump up into the air to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud that will release 5 stars.

Star 11 – 15: In the next area the rocks will fall down and act as a lift or sorts. Hop off to the first opening on the left and break through the stone block here to reach the ‘?’ cloud full of stars.

Red Coin 7: The red coin is in this same opening.

Red Coin 8: The second area to become accessible on the way down is on the right. Break through the destructible wall to collect the red coin and 1-Up cloud here. Use an egg so you don’t have to waste time going into the alcove.

Red Coin Red Coin 9 and 10: This is in the last opening, on the left. Once you grab it, carry on running to get underneath the rock platform and access the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi area.

Red Coin 11 – 15: Collect the coins in the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi area for 5 red coins. Stick to the pathways to the right to save repeat trips into the area.

Flower 3: This is in the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi area. When you come to the first choice of directions, head right to get the flower.

Star 16 – 25: Pass through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Flower 4: Head into the next area and take cover in the small ditch as the first rock slides over the top. Quickly jump out and climb on to the next sliding rock to reach the platform above for the fourth flower.

Red Coin 16: Pick up this red coin on the way up to the flower.

Red Coin 17: In the next area, the rocks above will start to collapse and bear down on Yoshi. Head down and grab the coins in the alcove to the right to pick up a red coin.

Red Coin 18 and 19: Drop down to the left for a red coin and smash the block here for a second one.

Red Coin 20: Smash the block by the Egg-Plant for the last red coin.

Flower 5: Fire an egg to the left that will rebound and pick up the last flower or if you’re feeling particularly lucky, run into the alcove before it gets buried beneath the rubble.

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