Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-3: Cave of the Nipper Plants  

Flower 1: Shoot an egg into the‘?’ cloud on the right and a trail of coins will appear. Shoot another egg upwards along the vertical path of coins to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud at the top. Hit this to turn it into a flower.

Star 1 – 5: The ‘?’ cloud on the left contains 5 stars.

Red Coin 1: You’ll find the first red coin dangling from the second set of balloons at the start of the level.

Red Coin 2: Stuff yourself down the warp pipe and grab the coins above the red toadstool with the Shy Guy patrolling on top it for the second red coin.

Red Coin 3: Collect the coins underneath the blue toadstool to get the next red coin.

Red Coin 4 – 6: Bop the Piranha Plant in the chops with an egg, walk through the space it was previously occupying and a set of coins will appear that includes 3 red coins.

Red Coin 7 and 8: To the right of warp pipe spewing Shy Guys are 3 ‘?’ clouds. Hit the ‘?’ clouds on the left and right and collect these coins to receive 2 red coins.

Flower 2: The centre ‘?’ cloud next to the warp pipe is a flower. Rebound an egg off the wall to hit the ‘?’ cloud and again to pick up the flower.

Red Coin 9 – 14: After you’ve finished tossing eggs around, dispose of the Piranha Plant on the right and head on down the next warp pipe with a full stash of eggs in tow. Collect all of the coins down here for a total of 5 red coins.

Star 6 – 10: The ‘?’ cloud hovering above the torpedo is harbouring 5 stars. Take care of the torpedo first to avoid getting blasted in the frenzy to collect them all before they escape.

Flower 3: There is a hidden ‘?’ cloud at the end of this area that contains a flower. Bounce an egg off the wall to collect the last set of coins to make it appear.

Star 11 – 23: Exit the warp pipe and pop through the Middle Ring for 10 stars. The 3 Shy Guys to the right will also turn into stars, so pick those up as well for a total of 13 stars.

Red Coin 15 – 17: Continue to the right and dispatch the next Piranha Plant. Walk over the spot it was growing in and a hidden ‘?’ cloud will pop up. One projectile egg and a smattering of coins later and your red coin count will be up by 3.

Red Coin 18: This coin is hanging off a balloon that’s floating back and forth above the 4 toadstools to the left of the egg block.

Star 24 – 28: To the right of the egg block are two toadstools. Hop onto the blue one and drop down the gap to the right to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud full of stars.

Red Coin 19: Head up the slope to the right of the egg block and get ready to shoot an egg at the Fly Guy that will swoop down above the toadstool platform clutching a red coin.

Flower 4: Hop across to the next toadstool platform and a flower will appear beneath it.

Red Coin 20: When the flower appears as above, shoot an egg along the trail of coins to pick up the last red coin of the level.

Flower 5: In the next area, shoot down the bouncy ball so that it lands next to the warp pipe then jump up to the now easily accessible platform.

Star 29 – 33: As you jump up to collect the last flower, you’ll inevitably trigger the appearance of another hidden ‘?’ cloud unless you pull off some unnecessarily wacky move at the last second. Here you will find another 5 stars.

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