Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

Prepare for the worst babysitting gig of your life as you cart Baby Mario around Yoshi Island. The Yoshi’s have enough problems to deal with, what with Baby Bowser moving in and building a holiday resort on the island, not to mention having arms the length of a broken toothpick, but now they need to take on his minions with a bawling baby in tow and rescue his lil’ green hat wearing bro while they’re at it.

Hop, skip and flutter jump your way through the water colour world that is far more fiendish than the warm, fuzzy graphics would have you believe. To that end, we’re here to offer a helping hand with the locations of every star, red coin and flower along the journey.

The medal system is more than a bit odd this time around and is purely chance based, as at the end of every world, the flowers you’ve earned may or may not grant you with the equivalent number of medals. That means it’s perfectly possible to run through the same world over and over and still end up with all 30 medals if you’re so inclined… and just a bit bonkers.

Table of Contents:

Shabana Arif
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