Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-8: Big Beanie's Castle     

Red Coin 1: Collect the coins to the right to pick up the first red coin.

Red Coin 2: This coin is to the right of the first Countdown Platforms.

Red Coin 3 – 6: Grab the key to the pink door from the hidden cloud above the next set Countdown Platforms. Unlock the door and collect the coins here for 3 red coins.

Flower 1: This is in the pink door area.

Red Coin 7: When you return to the countdown platform area, the countdown platforms will have respawned. The red coin is on the set of countdown platforms at the bottom, between the yellow and red Shy Guys.

Flower 2: This is in a hidden '?' cloud above the small platform the red Shy Guy was on.

Red Coin 8: This is on the next platform to the right.

Star 1 – 5: Head through the flippers. There is a hidden ‘?’ cloud containing 5 stars above the Countdown Platform.

Red Coin 9: Pop through the next set of flippers and replenish your egg stash at the Egg-Plant. Hop across the countdown platforms to the left and fire an egg into the line of coins to get the red coin.

Flower 3: When you shoot an egg into the coins, a ‘?’ cloud will appear next to the end platform that contains the third flower.

Red Coin 10 – 13: Carry on through the next set of flippers and run across the bottom platforms to make 2 lines of coins appear at the top. There are 4 red coins here.

Star 6 – 10: The ‘?’ cloud in this area will release 5 stars so act quickly to snatch them all up before they prance off into the fiery depths below.

Star 11 – 20: Go through the blue door to the next area and pass through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 14 and 15: Hit the orange block to get the Smiley Blocks moving and collect the coins in the top right area for 2 red coins.

Red Coin 16: To the left is a ring of coins. Pick them up for a red coin.

Flower 4: Go through the bottom set of flippers and back up to the left for the fourth flower.

Red Coin 17 and 18: Continue right and collect the coins above the blue Smiley Blocks for 2 red coins.

Star 21 – 25: Ground pound the next orange block to get the orange smiley blocks moving and shoot an egg into the ‘?’ cloud to the top right for 5 stars.

Flower 5: Jump into the alcove above the second set of orange smiley blocks in this area to make a hidden ‘?’ cloud appear. The last flower of the level is inside.

Red Coin 19: Go on through the flippers and use the bouncy balls to jump up and over the Smiley Blocks. Pick up the coins on your way for the next red coin.

Red Coin 20: Get the Smiley Blocks moving and head up to the Countdown Platforms. Jump across them all the way to the left. When Yoshi lands on the leftmost platform, some coins will appear above him. The last coin is found here.

Star 26 – 30: The last stars of the level are in a hidden ‘?’ cloud to the top right of the red door to the boss area.

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