Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 1-4: Fort Bucket Booby Trap   

Red Coin 1 and 2: Head right and over the Lava Drop. Jump up to the platform above the Shy Guy and some coins will appear as if by magic. Collect them for 2 red coins.

Flower 1: Knock down the second bucket of the level and a bouncy ball will fall out. Use this to reach the area above and snatch up the flower.

Red Coin 3: This in the same area as the first flower.

Red Coin 4: Drop down and head across the platforms to the right, picking up the coins along the way for another red coin.

Red Coin 5 and 6: Do NOT go through the door emblazoned with a crudely drawn Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi. Go past to the right and collect the coins in front of the double hammer trap for 2 additional red coins.

Flower 2: As above, go past the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi door and all the way to the right to find this flower.

Star 1 – 5: Hit the bucket above flower to tip out the stars inside.

Red Coin 7 – 11: Head back left and go through the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi door. There are a total of 5 red coins in this area.

Flower 3: The third flower is near the exit in the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi area.

Star 6 – 15: Exit the Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi area and pass through the Middle Ring to receive 10 stars.

Red Coin 12: Collect the coins to the right of the Egg-Plant for the next red coin but beware the Blargg attack.

Star 16 – 20: Keep going right and knock the bucket for another 5 stars.

Red Coin 13: Collect the coins to the right of the Lava Drop to get the next red coin. There are 2 Blarggs lurking in the lava this time so watch out!

Flower 4: Above the gap to the right of the Lava Drop is a hidden ‘?’ cloud that contains a flower.

Red Coin 14 – 16: We’re into new booby trap territory! Stand between the 2 spiked ball traps and jump upwards to reveal a hidden ‘?’ cloud that contains a bouncy ball. Use this to access the warp pipe above. There are 3 red coins in this area.

Star 21 – 25: Jump into to left area to prompt the appearance of hidden ‘?’ cloud containing 5 stars.

Flower 5: To the right of the warp pipe is another hidden ‘?’ cloud containing a flower.

Red Coin 17: Exit the warp pipe and collect the coins underneath the second set of rotating spiked balls to get the red coin.

Star 26 – 30: Throw an egg at the bucket to the right to knock down 5 stars.

Red Coin 18 and 19: Grab the coins around the next spike trap for 2 red coins.

Red Coin 20: Free the bouncy ball from the golden bucket and jump up to the door to the boss area. The last red coin is to the right of the door.

Star 31 – 35: Walk to the area to the right of the door and a hidden ‘?’ cloud will appear. It contains 5 stars.

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