Yoshi's New Island Star, Red Coin and Flower collectibles guide

World 2-8: Count Fang's Castle       

Red Coin 1: Use eggs to lift the weight and grab the red coin on the other side.

Star 1 – 5: The ‘?’ cloud in this area holds 5 stars.

Red Coin 2: Shoot an egg into the line of coins to the right of the Flatbed Ferries for another red coin.

Red Coin 3 – 7: Jump off the Flatbed Ferry to the platform on the left and fall down by the red arrow sign to trigger the appearance of a hidden ‘?’ cloud. Fire an egg into it and a pink door to the secret area will drop down. Collect the gold coins in this area and the 5 red coins.

Flower 1: The first flower is in the secret area.

Red Coin 8: Exit the secret area and head right. Use an egg to collect the coins to the left of the weight and pick up the coins at the same time.

Flower 2: This is to the right of the weight.

Red Coin 9: This red coin is on the top platform to the right of the next Egg Block.

Star 6 – 10: There is a hidden ‘?’ cloud to the right of the warp pipe at the end of this area. Toss in an egg for 5 stars.

Red Coin 10 and 11: Use the 2 Blarggwichs at the start of the next area to reach the red coins above them.

Red Coin 12: Ground pound the third Blarggwich and use egg to mop up the coins here.

Flower 3: This flower is above the third Blarggwich. Ricochet an egg off the wall to collect it.

Star 11 – 15: To the right of the warp pipe is a ‘?’ hidden cloud containing 5 stars.

Star 16 – 25: Hop onto the Flatbed Ferry and ride it through the Middle Ring for 10 stars.

Red Coin 13 and 14: Ride the Blarggwich Ferry to collect 2 red coins.

Red Coin 15 – 17: Access the pink door to the next secret area above the Blarggwich Ferry grab all of the coins here for 3 more red coins.

Red Coin 18 and 19: Ground pound the next Blarggwich Ferry to offset its timing with the Flatbed Ferry underneath so you can nip down and pick up the gold and red coins below it.

Flower 4: This is also underneath the Blarggwich Ferry.

Red Coin 20: Jump over the spikes and ground pound the next Blarggwich to reach the last red coin.

Flower 5: Lift the spiked weight to the right of the last Blarggwich using a couple of eggs then run under and around to get the last flower.

Star 26 – 30: To the top right of the door to the Boss is a hidden ‘?’ cloud. You know the drill by now, so get yourself some more stars.

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