Where is Warzone solos and what's happened to the Call of Duty solo BR option

Warzone solos
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If you've tried to fire up some Warzone solos recently you might have noticed it's been removed. There's an option for Rebirth Mini Royale Solos, and the usual choices for quads, trios and duos, but a basic vanilla Warzone Solo option is conspicuously absent. So what's going on and when is it coming back? 

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Has Warzone solos been removed? 


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Short answer, yes. For the time being at least. The January 14 update added a lot of new things to the game but has taken away Warzone Solos in its raw, unadulterated form. In return, the game has added plenty of new weapons, maps, operators, modes and some new zombies stuff, but the only Solos choices for the time being are available via the Rebirth Mini Royale Solos and BR Buy Back Solos options. If you were hoping for the basic, no buy back, no respawn option on the main Verdansk map you're out of luck for the time being. Until Activision puts it back in the game, you're not going to be able to play it. 

When is Warzone Solos coming back? 


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It's not clear at the moment. Warzone seems to change up its playlists and options all the time without much warning, so it could reappear at any time. We know that the Rebirth Island event is a time limited thing, so once that's over the Rebirth Mini Royale Solo option will presumably disappear with it. The rumor was that Rebirth Island would end on January 4. However, we're obviously long past that point now. 

Another circle on the calendar is February 4, which is when the new zombies map arrives and suggests another reasonably substantial update might come with it. Whether that will see the end of Rebirth and its solo mode is something we'll have to wait on, although it is a coincidence that it's exactly a month on from the previously rumored end date to the arrival of the new Zombies map. Either the dates changed, or someone got things wrong with the previous rumor. 

Whatever happens, Warzone Solos will come back, it's just a case of when. Will it return randomly without warning? (Especially if enough people are unhappy about it.) Or will it pop back in with an update that shuffles around a few other modes and probably takes out something else people will get upset about. We'll just have to wait and see. 

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