Best Warzone MP5 loadouts, attachments and which MP5 is better

Best MP5 loadouts
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The Best Warzone MP5 loadout isn't an easy choice when it comes to deciding between the Modern Warfare or Cold War versions. Between the varying fire rates, damage range drop off and all the other little quirks, there's a lot to keep in mind when distinguishing between them. Throw in all the attachments to boot and there's a real balance of pros and cons between the two guns in Call of Duty Warzone

Whatever you choose, the best Warzone MP5 loadouts and attachments will always suit a close-range combat style. While you can reach a little further with a well balanced MP5, it's never going to have the range of an assault rifle, or even some of the other SMGS like LC10 or AK-47u which can reach into AR-like ranges quite well. Coming up we'll take a look at what the best MP5 is between the two, as well as line up some of the best Warzone MP5 loadouts for you to try. 

What's the best MP5 in Warzone?

(Image credit: Activision)

What's the best MP5 in Warzone?

Picking the best MP5 in Warzone isn't easy. While there are some clear differences between the guns, a lot of things balance out. So while the Cold War MP5 is technically slightly ahead with a better TTK and less damage drop off at medium ranges, the differences are so slight that you'd likely barely notice the difference. Especially with a few well placed attachments.

Overall the Modern Warfare MP5 has slightly better aim down sights (ADS) speeds when kitted out well, and better movement and strafe speeds. While the Cold War MP5 has better reload times, easier to control recoil and a slightly better TTK. In terms of recoil the Modern Warfare MP5 has a slightly tighter grouping that drifts up and to the right, while the Cold War MP5 has a lengthier but straight up recoil with no horizontal drift. That means the Cold War version is technically easier to correct as you only have to worry about one direction, but both are fairly consistent and easy to manage.  

However, because of the variations in fire rate and movement, and the changes you can make with attachment there's almost nothing between the two. As we mentioned, the Cold War MP5 has slightly less damage drop off at medium range which means it has a slight edge on TTK but there's milliseconds in it. 

With that in mind, we've got four Warzone MP5 loadout options here for you to try - a close range and a medium range option for both the Modern Warfare and the Cold War MP5. 

Best Cold War Warzone MP5 loadout for close range

Best Cold War Warzone MP5 loadout close range

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  • Muzzle - Agency Compressor 
  • Barrel - 9.5" Ranger
  • Body - SWAT 5mw Laser
  • Underbarrel - Bruiser Grip
  • Magazine - 40 RND Drum

The Agency Compressor obviously keeps you off the mini map but also gives some recoil control. That comes at the expense of a 25% reduction in damage range but if  you're clearing rooms that shouldn't be an issue. If it does bother you then go for the Sound Suppressor, which still keeps you off the map but with no recoil control and only a 15% damage reduction. Or you could go with the Infantry Compensator which won't hide you at all but will reign in vertical recoil at the expense of horizontal recoil, which the Cold War MP5 doesn't have. The 9.5" Ranger barrel gives you a 100% bullet velocity boost, while the SWAT 5mw Laser Sight increases your hip fire accuracy, which together should help you land quicker and more accurate hits. The Bruiser Grip won't help with the recoil but will boost Movement, as well as sprinting, shooting and aim movement speed, which will help mobility. And, finally, the 40 RND Drum gives you the extra ammo you need to keep the fire on an enemy with only a minor reduction in reload time. 

Best Cold War Warzone MP5 loadout for medium range

Best Cold War Warzone MP5 loadout medium range

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  • Optic - Microflex LED
  • Muzzle - SOCOM Eliminator
  • Barrel - 9.1" Rifled
  • Underbarrel - Field Agent Grip
  • Stock - SAS Combat Stock

The Warzone MP5 isn't one of the better SMGs for range so we've gone for the Microflex LED with a fairly basic 1.25x. You could try the Kobra Red Dot's 1.75x if you want to push it further. However, unlike something like the LC10 this just doesn't have the stability for distance so it's not worth pushing it. If you are going to reach, put something like the SOCOM Eliminator on to help control the vertical recoil and the 9.1" Rifled barrel to boost damage range by 25%. The Field Agent Grip will help a tiny amount with the vertical recoil again which will help increase the effective range more. For the final attachment we've gone with the SAS Combat Stock to help increase mobility, but you could swap that out for the Serpent Grip handle to boost aim down sight (ADS) speed instead.  

Best Modern Warfare Warzone MP5 loadout for close range

Warzone Modern Warfare MP5

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  • Barrel: FSS Mini
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Stock: FTAC Collapsible
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

One thing all submachine guns can excel at is close quarters combat, sprinting through rooms and clearing them out before moving on to the next, while simultaneously playing the objective. To do this, you'll want attachments that help with mobility, such as the following:

Best Modern Warfare Warzone MP5 loadout for medium range

Warzone Modern Warfare MP5

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Barrel: Monolithic Integral Suppressor
  • Optic: Canted Hybrid
  • Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 10mm Auto 30-Round Mags
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

If you're dead set on using your MP5 at range, perhaps for Ground War or bigger maps like Grazna Raid, we've got the set-up for you. Of course, it's a submachine gun so it won't perform quite as well as most assault rifles, but you can still deal some serious damage and retain the power when you're up close too.

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