Best Warzone AUG loadouts: the best builds for both versions of the AUG

Best Warzone AUG loadouts
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The best Warzone AUG loadout can be a powerful addition to your game. It's been controversial, nerfed, and doubled up, with two AUGs to choose from now - the original Modern Warfare's versatile, heavy-hitting SMG, or Black Ops: Cold War's burst-fire tactical rifle that plays better at range. Whatever you choose, there are some great options to take into Call of Duty Warzone.

Having two kinds of AUG creates even more range across the best Warzone AUG loadouts as each excels in different situations. The Modern Warfare AUG is a great short to medium range option, while the Cold War AUG leans more into medium to long range engagements. So let’s take a look at the best AUG loadouts in Warzone.

The best Warzone AUG build – Run 'n Gun (MW)

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  • Muzzle: Lightweight Suppressor
  • Laser: 5mW Laser
  • Stock: FORGE TAC CQB Comb
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

First, let’s start with a run ‘n gun class loadout for the MW AUG. This is ideal for close range engagements and serves as a complementary weapon to a sniper or tactical rifle. Equip the Lightweight Suppressor to remain off the mini-map when firing, while still preserving some mobility. You can use other suppressors like the Monolithic or Tactical, but those will negatively impact your mobility, so we recommend the Lightweight.

Next, go with the 5mW Laser for increased hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire speed. Since you’ll be using this up close, you’ll want to be able to start firing as soon as possible, which is where the added sprint to fire speed comes in. Then, go with the FORGE TAC CQB Comb stock for increased ADS speeds to win close quarters fights more easily.

After that, we highly recommend always sticking with the 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums ammo type, regardless of the loadout you’re using with the MW AUG. The reason for this is that its base time to kill (TTK) is relatively low without the 5.56 ammo type, so you’ll be at a disadvantage if you don’t come equipped with the added firepower. Finally, we recommend the Stippled Grip Tape for increased ADS speeds and sprint to fire speeds, which – again – is perfect for winning those close quarters engagements.

The best Warzone AUG build – Ranged (MW)

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  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: 622mm Long Barrel
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums

Interestingly, you can use the MW AUG as a lightweight assault rifle with the right attachments. This setup will work great for medium range firefights. Start off by adding the Monolithic Suppressor to stay off the mini-map when firing and for a boost to your damage range. You’ll need this during those longer range situations.

Then, go with the 622mm Long Barrel, which is effective at increasing your recoil control, damage range, and bullet velocity. If you find this to be too slow, you can swap it for the 407mm Extended Barrel, which is less accurate but more mobile. After that, we recommend an optic of some kind. The VLK 3.0x Optic is typically the go-to, but if you want less magnification, you can use the Solozero or G.I. Mini Reflex.

Next, we advise using the Ranger Foregrip for increased recoil control and aiming stability, which will help you land those shots from afar. And finally, stick with the 5.56 NATO ammo for the reasons listed above. This particular loadout will be much slower, but accurate at medium to long range engagements. 

The best Warzone AUG setup – All-around (MW)

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  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor
  • Barrel: 407mm Extended Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

If you want a more versatile version of the MW AUG, this is the setup for you. It’s sort of a hybrid of the previous two setups, making it effective in many situations. First, use the Tactical Suppressor so you don’t appear on the mini-map, and for a slight boost in accuracy. 

Then, we advise using the 407mm Extended Barrel. This will give you increased damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control, while remaining relatively mobile. If you go with the 622mm Long Barrel, you might find it to be too slow – though it's more accurate. 

After that, equip the Ranger Foregrip Underbarrel for better recoil control and aiming stability. This will serve you well at medium range, at the expense of a slower weapon. Because of this, you’ll want to use other lightweight attachments to counter its heaviness.

Once again, go with the 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums for the added damage. Finally, we highly recommend using the Stippled Grip Tape Rear Grip to improve your ADS speeds and sprint to fire speeds. This attachment is great for close quarters and will offset the slowdown from the Ranger Foregrip to balance it out.

The best Warzone AUG Build – Long range (CW)

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  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Barrel: 18.2” Strike Team
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Foregrip
  • Ammunition: STANAG 54 Rnd Drum

When it comes to the CW AUG, there’s less room for experimentation since this weapon is pretty much only effective at medium to long range. With that in mind, let’s cover the optimal setup for this weapon for long range engagements. One thing to note is that CW weapons still have inaccurate attachment descriptions, so you should not rely solely on the in-game stats when deciding on your loadout.

First, stick with the Agency Silencer for added vertical recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range. This will also remove you from the mini-map when firing, so there isn’t much reason to use anything else. Next, we advise going with the 18.2” Strike Team Barrel for increased fire rate and bullet velocity. Interestingly, the in-game description does not mention anything about the improved bullet velocity, but after testing it, this attachment does in fact have the best bullet velocity out of all the barrels.

Since you’ll be using this at long range, we highly advise the Axial Arms 3x Optic since the iron sights aren’t going to help you much. If this magnification is too high or low, you can adjust as needed. Next, stick with the Field Agent Foregrip for increased vertical and horizontal recoil control, which will help you stick to your target.

Finally, we highly recommend going with the STANAG 54 Rnd Drum for the extra ammo and to preserve your ADS speed. If you go with the fast mag, you’ll notice the ADS speeds will likely be too slow and could potentially cost you a gunfight.

The best Warzone AUG build – Lightweight option (CW)

(Image credit: Activision)
  • Muzzle: Silencer
  • Barrel: 18.2” Strike Team
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Ammunition: 45 Rnd Drum
  • SASR Jungle Grip: SASR Jungle Grip

There is a lightweight option for the CW AUG that could be useful to you depending on your playstyle. In general, we advise to go with the first CW AUG loadout we mentioned, but if you’re playing Plunder or Resurgence, you can get away with less accuracy in exchange for more mobility.

For this loadout, go with the Silencer to remain off the mini-map while preserving mobility. It’s essentially a less stable version of the Monolithic. Then, stick with the 18.2” Strike Team for the reasons mentioned above, as well as the Axial Arms 3x.

For this loadout, instead of the 54 Rnd Drum, we recommend trying the 45 Rnd Drum, which will increase your mobility and ADS speeds. You can get away with this during a more fast-paced mode, but if you’re playing regular Battle Royale on Verdansk, you should always use the 54 Rnd Drum. Finally, go with the SASR Jungle Grip for increased ADS speeds and more mobility.

Ultimately, you’ll almost always want to go with the long range option, but there are a few exceptions where the lightweight build will serve you well.

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