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Call of Duty Warzone best guns: the weapons you should be looking for when you land

call of duty warzone best guns
(Image credit: Activision)

When it comes to the best Call of Duty Warzone guns, the majority of the ones you’ll find on the battlefield are stripped bare of attachments. Basic tools that level the playing field but also incentivises hunting down ‘named’ weapons in Call of Duty Warzone that offer fully-loaded setups with sights and other attachments to give you an edge.

However, when you first hit the ground on Verdansk, you’ll just want a gun, any gun - without one you won't stay alive long enough to find a fancy shooter. So to help you stay alive here are best basic Call of Duty Warzone guns to replace that starting pistol.

The best Call of Duty Warzone guns

Origin 12

call of warzone origin 12

(Image credit: Activision)

Shotguns in most games are situational, and that goes doubly for Battle Royale where the extra few seconds it takes to reload can be the difference between a win or an early trip to the Gulag.

The semi-automatic Origin 12 packs the punch of a standard shotgun with the convenience of being able to fire multiple shells in rapid succession.

With eight shells in the basic configuration (up to a whopping 25 with some variants), it can shred unarmored foes in seconds and is an ideal breach-and-clear weapon for interior skirmishes.


call of duty warzone dusk

(Image credit: Activision)

The M91 is an ideal early-game weapon because it flings its ammo with such ferocity that if a squad all lands together there’s a chance you can grab a triple kill. That’s because this LMG fires 100 rounds, but don’t be afraid to drop it for a named gun. The ‘Dusk’ variant offers the kind of range and accuracy boosts to make it an impressive mid-range variant – despite not boosting the ammo capacity (which, incidentally, can reach as high as 150 rounds with other options).


call of duty MP7 bengal

(Image credit: Activision)

The MP7 is a run-and-gun dream, offering the kind of handling that can help players raise it in a split second and unload 40 rounds in another. Without attachments, it offers nicely stripped back iron sights, and its low recoil makes it an ideal weapon for those nervy first encounters where mistakes often happen. The Bengal variant isn’t common, but it turns everything up a notch. It improves accuracy with an ACOG sight, adds a hefty amount of range, and makes the gun even more manageable recoil-wise at the cost of some mobility. It also offers a suppressor, which in Battle Royale is worth its weight in gold.


call of duty warzone m4

(Image credit: Activision)

The M4 is one of Modern Warfare’s finest multiplayer workhorses. It offers range, accuracy, and power without any real drawbacks – and the same goes for its Warzone counterpart. While a lack of a proper optic attachment might put many off, in short-to-mid range combat there are few finer. With a 30-round magazine, you can take down two unarmored enemies in one clip if you time your aim. If you can get your hands on the XRK M4, you’ll be able to use its hybrid scope to make the most of both full-auto and single-fire options, opening the gun up to longer-range combat.


Call of duty warzone Kar98k stirling

(Image credit: Activision)

Sniper rifles are definitely sought after in Battle Royale titles, but unless you’ve got a camping spot they can be fairly useless in the majority of combat scenarios. That definitely rings true of the Kar98k, but if you can cope with its slow rate of fire and make your shots count, it can be a force to be reckoned with. With excellent damage output, using it in mid-range firefights could land you a very satisfying kill or two. If you find the Sterling variant, though, drop the original in a heartbeat – the Sterling ups the recoil somewhat, but it does make it much easier to handle while also bundling in a Thermal Hybrid scope that makes it usable at anything but close range, as well as turning it into a valuable scouting tool.

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