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Warzone Season 6
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The best Warzone perks can make a huge difference to how a match plays out, and are a hot mess of contention for some. There are some clearly useful options but many all of Duty Warzone perk choices can depend on personal preference and play style. And, obviously, you'l need to find or buy a loadout drop to kit yourself out with your picks as well. Although getting a custom Warzone loadout should always be a priority as soon as it's possible, as it will give you and instant advantage over anyone who hasn't got one. Do that and you’ll have access to your own custom weapons and, of course, your three chosen perks. Different perks will suit different tactics and styles, so experiment with them all to see what really works for you and how you play. So, in no particular order, here are the best Warzone perks to use.


call of duty warzone loadout perk eod

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Given the availability of explosives in Call of Duty Warzone, EOD can come in very handy when trying to survive and get a win. This perk reduces the damage you take from non-killstreak explosives and fire – that’s things like frag grenades, Semtex, C4, launcher rockets, and Molotov cocktails. Warzone players can very easily pick up most of these items and catch you off guard with them, so having EOD to shield you is very useful and might help you save on refilling your armor plates. If you’re a launcher enthusiast, EOD is also going to help you survive your own rocket and grenade blasts if you find yourself misplacing some C4 or purposefully using a launcher up close. The second part of EOD – resets frag grenade fuses when you throw them back – is not hugely useful given how rare the need to throw a frag back at your foe is, but it’s still a nice bonus.

Double Time

call of duty warzone loadout perk double time

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Double Time is the best all-rounder mobility perk for Warzone. Its main function doubles the duration of your tactical sprint – the super quick sprint that is activated by double-tapping the sprint button – allowing you to cover a greater distance at high speed. Warzone’s map has lots of open spaces between points-of-interest with little to no cover, so being able to get across these quickly and safely is crucial and Double Time will really help. Moreover, in the tighter interior spaces and buildings, you’ll be able to quickly sprint up flights of stairs or get away into other rooms thanks to Double Time.

That’s not all though as this perk also increases your walking speed while crouched by 30%, which will help out a little when you’re trying to remain agile while aiming more accurately. You’ll be able to move quickly and quietly through buildings and will be less of a sitting duck while crouched if you’ve mastered strafing. Double Time is never a bad option for any loadout but is really useful for aggressive run-and-gun playstyles and more stealthy approaches.


call of duty warzone loadout perk ghost

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Ghost functions as a classic Call of Duty countermeasure perk that makes it harder for the enemy to pinpoint your location. Specifically, it makes you undetectable on UAVs, radar drones, and heartbeat sensors. Radar drones and heartbeat sensors can be picked up by anyone in Warzone, so having something to counter those is very useful. UAVs cost a fair amount of money so they’re not as easy to get, but the massive player counts in Warzone means several players will always have one ready to go. As the remaining players gather more money, UAVs will become more frequent, so staying off the radar will allow you to get the drop on those last few players. It’s worth noting that a coordinated team or a particularly wealthy player will be able to get an advanced UAV which will be able to spot you, although it doesn’t last very long.


call of duty warzone loadout perk tempered

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Tempered is a Warzone-specific perk that is extremely helpful if you have problems staying armored up. With Tempered, you can fully armor yourself with just two plates instead of three. This will massively reduce the time it takes for you to refill your plates fully, giving you more of chance to get to full strength in the middle of a fight. As standard, you can hold five plates in Warzone, which is only enough for one full plate refill with two extra plates. With Tempered, you’ll be able to get two full armor refills and still have one to spare, so you’ll be able to stay alive much easier at any stage of a match, provided you can keep stocked up on plates.


call of duty warzone loadout perk overkill

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Having two primary weapons in your class sounds like it might be too much, but it’s exactly what Overkill allows you to do, and it can be very helpful in Warzone. The huge map size and tall buildings mean sniping is an incredibly effective strategy, but when it’s time to fight up close, bringing in a more general-purpose assault rifle or SMG in place of a pistol will be very useful. The caveat is that your weapon switching speed will be slower as a result of carrying two primaries, however the next perk, Amped, will really help.


call of duty warzone loadout perk amped

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Having Amped equipped allows you switch between your weapons more quickly. This will especially benefit you in close combat gunfights where you might need to switch to your secondary weapon since it’s always faster than reloading. If you’re using a more run-and-gun loadout that uses Overkill for double primary weapon, Amped is an essential pick to make sure you can be reactive in any fight. As an added bonus, Amped will also allow you to reload launchers more quickly if you’re into that type of explosive weapon. Be sure to use EOD too if you do this!

Combat Scout

call of duty warzone loadout perk combat scout

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Like Tempered, Combat Scout is another Warzone-specific perk except it’s focus in on recon and marking your enemies. With Combat Scout equipped, enemies you hit will be briefly highlighted and marked for your squadmates. This is probably less useful for solo players, but coordinated teams with multiple Combat Scout users will be able to keep track of their enemies easily, so long as they can fire accurately and hit their shots. The highlighting and marking is very brief, so it’s something you’ll have to be actively looking for, otherwise you can almost blink and miss it. If you’re a high enough level in Warzone, Tracker is another great recon-based perk that allows you to see enemy footprints that you should definitely try as well if you have it.

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