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Call of Duty Warzone patch notes: voice chat bug fix, new Armor Box, Gulag weapon changes, and more

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The Call of Duty Warzone patch notes for May 18 introduced some big changes to the Gulag meta, a new Classic Battle Royale limited time mode which greatly simplifies Warzone, and a Quads version of Blood Money. The Modern Warfare updates accompanying these changes include new map selections and miscellaneous weapon changes. 

Call of  Duty Warzone patch notes 

Warzone was the focus this week, with the standout changes being the addition of two modes. In Classic Battle Royale mode, there are no buy stations, contracts, or Gulag. If you die, you're out. This mode offers a more simplified, almost primitive battle royale experience, and if nothing else it really shows how far Call of Duty has come since its Blackout days.

The other newcomer is a Quads version of the Call of Duty Warzone Blood Money mode, which is similar to Plunder in that it's about collecting money, but it's faster-paced in that killing players and completing contracts is more rewarding. With four players, teams will earn money faster than ever, so if Plunder is too slow for your liking but you want a break from battle royale, this might be your golden ticket.

Loot and balance changes

The new modes are the biggest additions, but players may find that some of the smaller Warzone tweaks are more noticeable. There are new weapons, store items, contracts, and other changes lurking in Warzone, not to mention huge Gulag changes. 

In addition to the new Legendary SKS, five Warzone weapon blueprints have been updated: the Epic AX-50, Legendary Kilo 141, Epic FAL, Legendary MP7, and Epic AUG. You'll find a new Armor Box at the store as well which can refill your entire team's armor reserves. This has replaced Shield Turrets in the store, but the Shield Turret can still spawn as loot. Most Wanted contracts have also returned, giving you four contract types to refill your wallet. Note that the limit on these contracts has been reduced from five minutes to three. 

The biggest Warzone balance changes have come in the Gulag, which will now dish out totally different weapons. As Infinity Ward explains, "The Gulag will now randomly choose from six ARs and four SMGs. All automatic, no burst or single fire guns included." In a separate post, Activision clarified that "while you can still receive a shotgun or pistol … SMGs and assault rifles both expand the range of engagements in the Gulag, so be careful if you decide to rush your opponent." 

Finally, in an indirect balance change meant to shake up the final moments of a match, the final circle in Warzone will now move around. This will come as especially good news if you're tired of matches boiling down to two to four teams trying to out-turtle each other. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare patch notes 

As is often the case, the latest Modern Warfare changes are mostly about multiplayer maps. Here's the full lineup: 

  • New playlist: Hardhat 24/7 (All Hardhat, all the time)
  • New playlist: Clean Up on Aisle 9 (3v3 featuring TDM, Kill Confirmed, Grind, and Domination on the map Aisle 9)
  • New map for NVG Mosh Pit: Realism
  • New map for Ground War: Core
  • New map for Gunfight: Blueprint

Here are the other minor but notable changes for Warzone and Modern Warfare, including a spread of bug fixes: 

  • Fix for a bug where a player could become immune to the gas if they were bought back as the final circle was closing
  • Fix for a rare bug that left a player in the Gulag until the end of the match
  • PC: Fixed an issue where the gas mask overlay could remain on screen after leaving the gas and entering a vehicle
  • Removed the option to “Squad Fill” while in BR Solo
  • Fix for voice chat sometimes cutting out during a match
  • Reduced the RPG kill radius for players with full armor

You can read the full Warzone and Modern Warfare patch notes here

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