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Warzone error codes: problems and fixes, including Cold War issues

Call of Duty: Warzone Nuke Event
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There's a Warzone server queue issue currently causing a lot of Warzone error codes as Season 3 gets under way. The short answer to any error codes you might have it that a lot of people are trying to play right now and there's only so much server to go around. Activision has acknowledge the issue but if you are getting a Warzone error code there's not a huge amount you can to except wait right now: 

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However, if you're getting an error code that might not be because of the servers we've got a frequently updated list of Warzone and Cold war error codes here that might help you solve any problems. Along with those error codes are solutions and fixes either from the devs or from members of the community in order to help you get back into the battle royale quicker. We'll update this story accordingly, so whenever a new error code pops up, we'll be there.

Warzone dev error 5476 code

The dev error 5476 code issue seems to prevent people starting multiplayer at all and while it's a code that's been around before it might be linked to Cold War integration as season 1 starts, with some reports that having the two games on different drives can cause problems. 

One odd fix that a lot of people are reporting works is to change your calling card and emblem. Some players are saying that simply changing them can fix things, while the example below seems to suggest that having them randomized can cause problems. 

However, dev error 5476 has recently cropped up again, and it's unclear how to fix it as of yet.

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If dev error 5476 is giving you issues, then try swapping out your calling card and emblem to see if it helps. 

Store unavailable, or PlayStation Plus unavailable

Modern Warfare and Warzone has suffered from Store Unavailable issue in the past, which might also appear as a PlayStation Plus issue. If you encounter this issue one possible fix in the meantime is to select the game in the menu and press down to find the 'PlayStation Store' tab in the column with the start button. Navigate to the and select it. That should bring up an option called 'Your Add Ons' go in there and check everything is downloaded. There have been previous season where multiplayer packs and other functional downloads have been 'lost' with an update and you can't play until you re-download them.

Warzone ce-34878-0 error code

The ce-34878-0 error seems to be one activision are aware of and has a range of possible fixes. It's a general crash error code and often means something else, other than the game itself is wrong. So there are few basic things you can try: 

  1. Bring up the game options by selecting the game in the menu, pressing options and checking to see if it needs an update.
  2. Check your PS4 is up to date with the latest system software by checking System Software Update in settings.
  3. Restart you PS4. 

Other things you can try are to remove a PS Camera if it's connected, restart the PS4 and make sure facial recognition is disabled via the settings and user options.

In the worst case scenario option that hopefully will never be needed, if you've upgraded your hard drive the advice is to put the original drive back in and initialize the PS4. Hopefully you won't have to do that but if you are running the game from external storage it might be an idea to move it on the PS4's internal drive. 

Call of Duty Warzone DEV ERROR 6345

This Error 6345 seems to be affecting PC players and according to Activision support the suggested fix is to perform the scan and repair function in the game launcher under options.

Other suggestions include making sure your PC, drivers game and are fully up to date. Disabling any antiviruis software, setting the game priority to 'normal' in task manager and running in admin mode could also help.

An extreme solution is also to reinstall the entire game. 

Call of Duty error code 8192

If you're reading this looking for answers on error code 8192, which prevents some Call of Duty players from connecting to Modern Warfare, we've got good news and bad news. The good news is Activision know all about it but, bad news, when it happened there isn't always a clear solution.

It's not the first time the dreaded 8192 has reared its ugly head, and it seems it usually happens after a big update (season 4 of Modern Warfare just launched). It could be due to server capacity or a bug that crawled its way in through the new patch. Either way, stay tight and we'll keep this updated as we learn more from Activision and the player community.

Call of Duty Warzone error codes 262146 and 263234

Both of the above Call of Duty Warzone error codes indicate there's a problem with the connection to the servers. There's a few solutions you can try to fix the problem:

  • Log out and back in
    It sounds obvious, but simply logging out then back in of your game can fix the problem. It's a classic solution, but should always be your first port of call.
  • Power cycle your machine
    Whether you're on PS4, Xbox One, or PC, give your system a proper restart. Don't just send it to sleep; turn it off completely, give it a moment, then boot it back up again. This can give it a hard reset and fix the issue.
  • Restart your router
    If neither of the above work, try restarting your router or modem. Switch it off completely then wait for 30 seconds before turning it back on again. When your machine is connected to the internet once more, see if you can get into Warzone.
  • Reset to factory settings
    This is a last resort, but you can reset your machine to factory settings. You'll lose all saved data that isn't stored in the cloud, along with your installed games, but it could fix the problem. Only go for this if you've exhausted every other option because there's no reversing it.

    On PS4, head over to the Settings menu, then Initialization, followed by Restore Default Settings. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    On Xbox One, go to System, then Settings, then System again, followed by Console Info. Now you can choose Reset Console, then Reset And Remove Everything.

    Playing on PC? Depending on your operating system and version the exact method for restoring factory settings will be different, so search Google for a guide on how to do it based on your device.

Call of Duty Warzone error codes 6 and DIVER

Another error code some players have been running into in both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone is the 6 or DIVER error code. There's no official word from Activision on how to fix this issue but after scouring some forum threads and discussions, there's a couple of user submitted solutions that people have reported that allegedly fix the situation.

  • Restart your router
    A common solution that should always be given a shot, Reddit user /u/traicel claims that this fixed the problem for them.
  • (PC Only) Turn off Windows Firewall
    Do this at your own discretion (and remember to turn it back on when you're done playing Call of Duty), but Reddit user BloodPrince_COD has said that turning off Windows Firewall will fix the issue on PC. A number of people in the replies have said that this solution works, which lends credence to the solution.
  • Download the update via cellular data
    This error code often occurs when there's been a brand new update to download and install. There's been a few people who claim downloading it on their usual WiFi network caused the issue and that if you have the data allowance, downloading the updating and launching the game on cellular data is the way forward. Of course, switch back to your usual network when you're in the game, but try downloading the update via a cell phone hotspot to see if that fixes it.
  • Delete and reinstall the game
    Something a number of players have said is a potential fix is to delete the entire game and reinstall it. Of course, this isn't an ideal solution because the full game is 170GB+, but if all else fails, give it a shot.

Warzone Xbox error code 0x80131500

If you get the error code shown above when trying to download an update for Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone, unfortunately there's not a lot you can do. This is due to an error on the Microsoft Store and nothing to do with your connection, download, or anything else. Some players have reported updating the system software will fix the issue but if not, keep trying and hope Microsoft fix the issue soon.

We'll continue to list more Call of Duty Warzone error codes as they become available so if your error code isn't on the list above, hang tight. There will undoubtedly be some server downtime later down the line though, so make sure you check our guide about is Call of Duty Warzone down? Keep your eyes peeled and good luck jumping back into Verdansk!

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