Warzone PDS Field Upgrade explained

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The Warzone PDS Field Upgrade – or Personal Decontamination Station to give it its full name – is a new item that players can collect to protect themselves from the new and deadly Nebula V gas. With the arrival of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 2, the production of this toxic gas by Axis forces has been uncovered and now Nebula V items can be used by players. If you find yourself caught in this gas, you’ll need to know how the Warzone PDS Field Upgrade works and where you can find one.

How the Warzone PDS works

Warzone Pacific Season 2 PDS field upgrade item blocking gas

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The Warzone PDS is a new Field Upgrade item that any player can pick up and use. Introduced in Season 2 along with Nebula V gas items, the Personal Decontamination Station acts as a counter to the gas by creating a temporary haven by blasting filtered air out in small area.

In the game, the device is placed down like a Trophy System and will instantly start shooting out clean air for about 13 second before self-destructing. You’ll notice a wide, white ring around the PDS which represents the safe area it creates. Stay within and it’ll protect you from the damage and visual effects of any sort of Nebula V gas from Nebula V Ammo or Bombs and even the moving gas. Any players familiar with the Heat Shield item in Apex Legends will intuitively understand how the PDS works in Warzone.

As with any Field Upgrade, you can only carry one at a time. Once deployed, the PDS can also be destroyed, so be aware of enemy squads ending your Nebula V gas immunity early by targeting the PDS. Plenty of other things got added and changed in Season 2, and you can check them all out in the Warzone patch notes.

Where to find a Warzone PDS

Warzone Pacific Season 2 PDS field upgrade item

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The PDS Field Upgrade is very rare, not only because Nebula V equipment isn’t all that common, but also because it would be very powerful if squads could stack up on PDSs and survive the encroaching gas clouds that close the battle royale arena.

Your best chances of finding them lie in the new Chemical Factory Point of Interest (POI) – although it’s just referred to as ‘Factory’ on the in-game map – or one of the seven hidden, underground Research Labs, which are roughly marked on the map with yellow, drawn-in circles on the map. Search through item crates to find one or kill another player to take theirs.

Since both types of locations are hotspots for Nebula V activities, PDS Field Upgrades are relatively common but still quite difficult to find. If you’re playing with a squad, at least one of you should be able to find a PDS and should definitely hang on to it for a bit of emergency gas protection as the match goes on.

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