Warzone Red Doors locations, map and how they work

warzone red doors
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Knowing where to find Warzone Red Doors is a handy skill, and we have all the map locations, info and details you could need to make use of these new loot filled teleporters. Warzone Red Doors were a mysterious addition to Call of Duty Warzone Season 4, having been teased ever since since Treyarch/Raven and Cold War took over ownership of the battle royale. 

If you want to know more about what they are, what they do and how to both find and use them we've got all the info you could possibly need on Warzone Red Doors. The short answer is that if you're lucky enough to get to one then you'll be magically whisked to a loot filled room somewhere else on the map. That combination of new loot and location could obviously massively change your match. So read on for a map of all the Warzone Red Doors we currently know about and more details on what to do with them if you find one.

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Warzone Red Doors location map

Warzone red door map

(Image credit: Activision)

Our Warzone Red Doors map have all the currently known Warzone Red Door locations. Obviously there could well be more, and they might even move around in time, but for now, these are the ones we’ve been able to confirm and the best place to start. One important detail to remember is that Red Doors make a humming noise when you’re close, so try and listen for them when you’re near.

The important thing thing to understand is that Warzone Red Doors do not spawn in the same spot every match. The various Red Door locations we have are simple possible spawn locations - in each match some Warzone Red Doors will appear at a variety of set locations. So sometimes the Old Mine Red Door will spawn, other times, it won’t. There's no guarantee you'll find one, you can only know where they could be.  It’s also unclear how many Red Door spawn each match, or even if they do spawn every match. The random nature of their appearance makes it tricky to tell for sure. However, it’s likely that at least one will appear each and every game.

Below are details on each of the known Warzone Red Door spawn locations. If you don't find a Red Door at any of the marked points, try one of the other locations - there's a fair few clustered areas that can improve your odds. 

  1. The first Warzone Red Door location is found in the Old Mine section of the map, in the main building. Enter the building from the bottom floor on the southeastern side by the train tracks, and you’ll find the door positioned to the north.
  2. The next one is in the smaller L-shaped building in the Old Mine area, just north of the main structure. It’s on the main floor and is positioned to the west. 
  3. You’ll find this one to the west of Summit in the L-shaped building with the gas tank on the roof. It’s just north of the biggest building in this cluster, to the southwest of the main Summit building. The Door itself is on the second floor and is positioned to the southeast.
  4. Head into the smaller building just northwest of the main Summit. This one is odd because the Red Door faces southwest, and seems to lead you directly outside, off a cliff. This building has the number “03” on the outside of it.
  5. This is found in the main Summit building. Enter through the bottom floor, head up the stairs, turn right, and then the door will be in the next hallway on your right.
  6. Make your way into the main Summit building from the east, up a flight of stairs and into the hallway labeled “01.” The Red Door is across from some steps. 
  7. To find this one, enter the large building to the east of Summit. The Red Door is found on the northwest side of the building, on the bottom floor of the large room with desks.
  8. For this one, go into the smaller building with the gondolas, to the east of Summit and you’ll find this Red Door on the northwest side. 
  9. The next batch is found in Salt Mines.This one is in the large building on the northeast side, on the second floor to the north. The Red Door itself is positioned to the southeast. 
  10. You’ll find the next Red Door in the building directly southwest of the previous. Head to the second floor from the southwest side and you’ll see this one right at the top of the first set of stairs.
  11. To find the next one, you’ll need to enter the large, one-floored building to the northwest of the previous. It’s the L-shaped building closest to the Buy Station. The Red Door is positioned to the northwest.
  12. Then, make your way southwest of the last location into the massive building on the lower left corner of Salt Mines. This Red Door is found on the second floor. 
  13. To the southeast of the last building is the location of the next Red Door. This is the southernmost building of Salt Mines and you can find the Red Door on the third floor, positioned to the southeast.
  14. The next batch of Red Doors are found at Stadium and there are a lot here. The first one is on the northwestern side, on the left of the large scoreboard. It’s outside and is positioned to the northeast.
  15. Wrapping around clockwise, the next Red Door is found on the eastern side of the Stadium. Head into the eastern side on the ground floor and make your way north. The Red Door is positioned to the northwest at the end of this area. 
  16. The next one is directly southeast of the previous, on the second floor in an office. 
  17. After that, the next Red Door is on the southeastern portion of Stadium, on the ground floor. It’s outside and is positioned to the southwest.
  18. You’ll find this one on the west side of the Stadium, on the second floor. Enter through the bleachers on the outside and head down where you’ll find the Red Door positioned to the northeast.
  19. The next set of Red Doors is found in the Factory section of the map. This one is in the northern hangar of this area, in the bottom right, positioned to the south.
  20. After that, the following Red Door is located in the large plane on the west side of this area. It’s towards the back of the plane, positioned southwest.
  21. Enter the large hangar on the south side of Factory for the next one. This one is on the west side, beneath the large plane, positioned to the north.
  22. On the roof of the same hangar from before is the next Red Door. You’ll need to land on the north side of this building, then drop down onto the lower portion of the roof to find the next Red Door, positioned to the north. 
  23. Make your way inside the large building on the southeast side of Factory. It’s on the top floor of this building, facing the north side.
  24. This one is a little tricky. To find it, you’ll need to enter the large building on the southeastern side of Factory and head underground. Make your way around to the west side and you’ll find the Red Door positioned to the east.
  25. Head to the large bank in the center of Downtown to find this Red Door. 
  26. The next one is found inside Nakatomi on the second floor. Look for it on the marble wall by the large set of stairs, positioned to the east. 
  27. Make your way up to the 32nd floor of Nakatomi and head to the south side where you’ll find the next Red Door. It’s positioned to the north. 
  28. This next one is in Farmland in the building just northeast of the Standoff building in the center. 
  29. Head to the large windmill in the Hills area to the northeast. The Red Door is on the outside of it and is positioned to the northeast.
  30. This one is in the small T-shaped building on the eastern side of Hills. It’s positioned to the southwest once inside. 
  31. Go to the farm building on the southwest side of Hills. This Red Door is found on the bottom floor and is positioned to the southeast. 
  32. In the same building as the previous one, you’ll find this Red Door on the second floor, positioned to the northeast. 

It’s highly likely there are more Red Door locations to discover. Some players have reported seeing some in Hospital, though we weren’t able to verify their exact locations. We’ll update this guide with more Red Door spawns as they’re discovered.  

warzone red door

(Image credit: Activision)

How do Warzone Red Doors work?

Warzone Red Doors serve as teleportation devices that send you to a number of possible locations around the map. It seems the location a Red Door will take you to is random, but there are a fixed number of possibilities. So far, they’re all labeled as “Stations.” For instance, players have discovered Alpha Station, Bravo Station, Charlie Station, and so on.

Each of these ending locations puts you in a torture room, but with loot such as a few orange chests, weapons, killstreaks, a Durable Gas Mask, and possibly the Specialist Bonus, which gives you all the perks in the game.

The interesting thing is that one Red Door can teleport you to any number of possible locations. For instance, you could definitely end up in different locations even if you take the same Red Door multiple times.

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