Warzone Sabotage contract explained

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Season 3 caldera map changes
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The new Warzone Sabotage contract that was added as part of Season 3 has its own specific requirements, objectives and rewards for players powering through a game of Call of Duty Warzone. This particular one is based around vehicular destruction - but also creation, as we'll address shortly. If you're deliberating on your next job, we'll go through the advantages and disadvantages of the Call of Duty Warzone Sabotage contract below.

Sabotage contract in Warzone explained

Warzone sabotage contract

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The Sabotage contract in Warzone Season 3 is based around finding and destroying a specific vehicle in the map, one that's marked when you select the contract itself. The team is then given a specific amount of time to blow up the vehicle - if they succeed, they get the reward that we'll outline further down.

Sabotage contracts themselves are marked with icons of little explosions. Once you pick one up, the game will spawn in a random vehicle (rather than choose an existing one) and you're given three minutes to destroy it. It's uncertain at this point if multiple players can target the same vehicle through different contracts, though it's entirely possible that another team might just get into the vehicle you're targeting and drive away. 

At time of writing, there also seems to be a rule that players have to destroy the vehicle with explosives and weapons, rather than simply crashing it. It's uncertain right now if this is a glitch, or to make sure that the player is responsible for the "kill" on a vehicle. Either way, make sure you use C4, rockets, or an LMG to blow up your respective target, rather than just dropping it into the sea and hoping for the best. That being said, if another team shoots the vehicle and blows it up, they can poach at least some of the reward, as outlined below.

Sabotage contract rewards

Warzone sabotage contract

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For completing the contract, players get the following:

  • Cash (amount dependant on current Cash Bonus)
  • A Cash Bonus for future contracts
  • An Armoured Truck

It's the last of these that's worth discussing - yes, the armoured trucks are back. Once the vehicle is destroyed, green smoke will begin pouring from the place that it blew up - and the truck will be dropped there within moments. It's a reinforced version with a lot more health, and a gun turret that can be occupied by a second player. If you're playing Solo, that's not as big of an advantage, though a canny player can swap between the two seats quickly. 

Be warned that there's nothing stopping other players from getting into that truck if you're too slow. Blowing up a van or helicopter with a long-range weapon can be risky if you have to run all the way to wreckage, as closer players might just see the truck and leap into it. Don't get carjacked!

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