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Warzone season 3 - release date, new map details and more

Warzone Season 3
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We now know when Warzone season 3 starts, thanks to confirmation from the official Call of Duty Twitter account. It was always clear that Warzone Season 3 would start when season 2's battle pass ended, handily marked by daily countdown, but now that's official. With the mid-season update been and gone it is all about the Warzone season 3 start date, and what changes that might bring as Cold War developer Treyarch fully take over from Warzone creator Infinity Ward. It seems all but certain now that a nuke will obliterate Verdansk in Call of Duty Warzone thanks to leaked audio and actual missiles already flying over the island? A 1980 refit seems likely but will we really see an matches increased to 250 players? These are questions everyone's wondering, so we've got all the answers you seek with everything you need to know about the Warzone season 3 start date, new map details, and more.

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When does Warzone Season 2 end?

Warzone missile silos Warzone Season 3

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We always new when the Warzone season 2 end was coming because of the Battle Pass reset date. That always indicated an April 21/22 and now the official CAll of Duty Twitter has conformed that date in a tweet promising that 'the end is near'.

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Of course the big question is, 'the end of what?' The map? Or the game as we know it? It's the fact that Warzone Season 3 could be anything from a big update to a completely new beginning that means everyone is watching very closely to see what actually happens. And what ever that is, starts on April 21. 

When does Warzone Season 3 start?

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3

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Given that we now know the end of season 2 is definitely April 21, it's very likely Warzone season 3 starts on, or the day after that. April 22 is the most likely candidate as previous seasons have always been tight change overs with updates the day before the Battle Pass expires and an almost instant switch over. However, some rumors suggest that there won't be any pre-downloading up updates to prevent anyone data mining details early. Mainly because of the alleged new map.If that's the case then the Warzone season 3 start date will be controlled by download speeds and access to the update when it goes live. 

Will there be a new Warzone season 3 map?

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This is the big one. All the rumors point to a new Warzone season 3 map based in the Ural mountains. Current rumors, in-game chatter, leaks, and data mining suggest that Verdansk will be overrun with zombies and a Warzone nuke event will destroy it as a result to start off Warzone Season 3. This will usher in a new map set in Cold War's Ural mountains that will be 1980s themed for Warzone season 3. We've already seen some larger scale Ural maps in Cold War's Fireteam and Outbreak modes, which could well be testing and integrating the location into Warzone before it completely takes over. Interestingly the Cold War Fireteam map Ruka has the file name "wz_forest", which could suggest the various Ural mountain maps that have been appearing are sections of a larger Warzone Season 3 map waiting to be fitted together. 

Warzone season 3 player count - is 250 players too many? 

Call of Duty Warzone

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This is one of the more nebulous rumors, however several leakers seem to be suggesting we could see Warzone season 3 have 250 players. There's some support from rumors that the new map supposedly has more Points of Interest than Verdask - leading people to think it's bigger to support the increased player count. However, this seems to be one of the more 'pinch of salt' additions to the info leaking out. It's certainly not one of the more popular ideas considering the issues people think the game already has from 150 players.

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