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Get a PS4 Slim with God of War, GT Sport, and Uncharted 4 for $384.99 and settle down with Sony’s greatest hits over Christmas

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to get into PS4 gaming, with all these Cyber Monday game deals floating around, now is the time. This terrific bundle from Amazon comes with PS4 Slim, God of War, GT Sport, and Uncharted 4 with 3 months of Playstation Plus for $385 from Amazon, saving you about $45 while also ensuring that you have enough games to warrant never braving the outside world again. Well, for a month or so at least. Perfect timing for Christmas. 

In case you need convincing that this bundle is worth your time, I’ve got some cold, hard facts for you: we gave God of War 5 stars, Uncharted 4 4 stars (yes, I know that looks confusing), and Gran Turismo Sport 4 stars too. Each game is a fantastic buy on its own and will give you vastly different gaming experience, no matter you’re after the exquisite narrative and father/son bonding of God of War, the high-paced exploration and quips that come with any Uncharted game, or just want to race to your heart’s content in GT Sport. Oh yeah, and the 3 months of PS Plus will get you two new games to try out each month along with all the perks of multiplayer. Need I say more?