Black Friday gaming deals 2024: everything to expect this year

Black Friday gaming deals with DualSense, Xbox controller, and Nintendo Switch OLED
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Black Friday gaming deals will return on November 29 2024, but until then we're getting you prepped with everything you need to know ahead of this year's sale. With new generation consoles entering their second phase and RTX 40-Series PC components spending another year on the shelves, things are already looking good for this year's offers. Plus, with last year's Black Friday deals bringing us fantastic console bundles and even better discounts on games and accessories we've got plenty to look forward to in 2024. 

We've been tracking Black Friday gaming deals for years now, and we watch for PS5 deals, Xbox Series X deals and Nintendo Switch deals all year round. That means we've picked up a thing or two about the year's biggest sale season, and we're sharing all our top tips and tricks right here. 

This year will look a little different, though. The PS5 Slim will have spent a whole year on the shelves and we could very well have another Nintendo Switch console to contend with as well. Time will tell just what we'll be looking at when November does roll around, but for now this is everything you can expect from Black Friday gaming deals 2024. 

Black Friday gaming deals - what to expect

Black Friday gaming deals

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While video game deals themselves get plenty of airtime, accessories receive the lion's share. Headsets, hard drives, and more are typically cut by huge amounts during the sale, and that makes it the best time to grab any peripherals you've had your eye on.

The best offers often feature subscription services like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, though. These always seem to get money off toward the end of November (as was the case again in 2023), and it's a great opportunity to renew your membership - or start a new one - ahead of the new year.

We've listed a few specifics based on platform below.


PS5 accessories on a table, including two DualSense controllers, a charging station and a headset

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2023 was an excellent year for PS5 deals in general. Not only is stock no longer an issue, but we saw the very first price cuts ever on the full console over the summer and two day one bundles on the new PS5 Slim over Black Friday. Straight discounts didn't hit during Black Friday itself, but the summer had previously enjoyed prices of $449 / £399. Unfortunately, these discounts were likely in preparation for the arrival of the Slim model, so we're unsure as to whether they'll hit the PS5 Slim by Fall 2024. We are expecting similar bundles with newer games, though.

If you have any gaps in your game library from the past year or so, Black Friday PS5 deals offer you a chance to catch up. Everything from hot new releases to old favorites are discounted throughout the event, but it's well worth keeping a close eye on games released in the first half of the year for the biggest savings. Last year Hogwarts Legacy, Dead Island, Final Fantasy XVI, and Resident Evil 4 Remake all saw record low prices for the first time during Black Friday gaming deals. Of course, the usual classics are generally discounted during this time as well.  

Victrix Pro BFG review image showing close up of the front of the controller

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Of course, if you're library's all stocked up there are plenty of PS5 accessories to refresh your setup. The DualSense controller is likely to be a front runner this year, after enjoying record low prices of $49 / £39.99 in 2023. We're expecting costs to settle back to this position come November as well. However, if you're after something a little out of the box we'd also recommend keeping a close eye on the Victrix Pro BFG. Our favorite PS5 controller of the lot, it's already cheaper than the DualSense Edge and could be primed for its first major discounts this Black Friday. We haven't seen that $179.99 / £179.99 MSRP drop since this pro gamepad released in October 2022, but with a year on the shelves this could the time to score a saving.


Xbox Series X lying horizontally with an Xbox Wireless controller leaning up against it in a TV unit

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We also saw the Xbox Series X take its own price cuts over the course of 2023 with $50 / £50 off the console. That means we're expecting prices to hit $449 / £429 over the course of Black Friday 2024, but the Series S is poised to drop even more from that final price. 

If you're already set for a console, though, Game Pass is going to be your next port of call. Years ago we celebrated far higher discounts on the $44.99 / £32.99 three month subscription but recent times (and a boost in popularity) has meant savings like these are harder to come by. Last year we tapped out at $39.99 in the US, with the UK seeing no change in that final price. In fact, these days the best way to save on an Xbox Game Pass deal over Black Friday is by checking out the best Xbox Series X accessories

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core review image of the controller up close

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We often see some of the best Xbox controllers and the best Xbox Series X headsets discounted while also offering three months of Game Pass for free. We'd recommend keeping a close eye on both the Xbox Elite Series 2 (usually $179.99) and the newer Xbox Elite Series 2 Core (usually $129.99 / £114.99)

The former has dropped its price pretty much every year, but still doesn't stray too far from the $140 price point. With the Core coming close to that position at MSRP we wouldn't expect too much off in this year's Black Friday gaming deals, though should the Core controller drop to its previous record low $99.99 / £99.99 that story could be a little different.


This could be a big one. Of course, the Nintendo Switch 2 is very much still a rumor at this point, but signs are pointing to a 2024 release and that could have some serious ramifications for Black Friday gaming deals. If the new console hits close to the annual sales event we could see even better bundles and discounts on the previous generation. However, if the Switch 2 is already firmly on the shelves by the time Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals roll around the story could be very different. We're not expecting major bundles or savings on the new device in its first year, so focus will shift to accessories and games. 


It's all about hardware for PC gamers. Keyboards, mice, headsets, and mics from across the spectrum get massive reductions of up to 60% or more, while prebuilt rigs also drop a few hundred dollars on the regular. In much the same way, laptops are worthy contenders for a saving. These machines receive some of the most noteworthy discounts of Black Friday, and those reductions are available everywhere from Amazon to Newegg. Considering the high price of the top gaming laptops to start with, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to buy them as a result.

Black Friday gaming deals - FAQ

When will Black Friday gaming deals start?

The sales event of the year traditionally takes place toward the end of November - to be precise, the final Friday of the month. That means you can expect 2023's Black Friday gaming deals to occur on November 24.

However, they won't be limited to that one day. Black Friday kicks off much earlier than you might expect, and it continues into the following week as well (at which point the savings morph into Cyber Monday gaming deals). That means you should start keeping an eye out from mid-November - while the best discounts are reserved for Black Friday itself, lots of good ones will make an appearance before then. 

Where will the best Black Friday gaming deals be?

Almost everyone tries to get in on Black Friday each year, so you can be sure that any retailer you visit will have price cuts of some description. Still, some are better than others. In our experience, these are the stores to prioritize:


- Amazon: Usually the best for gaming discounts overall
- Dell: Offers a surprising variety of laptop discounts
- Best Buy: Offers surprisingly good PC peripheral deals
- Walmart: Good for general console game discounts
- Microsoft: Great for cheap Xbox games and accessories
- CDKeys: Heavy discounts on PC games
- Newegg: Excellent for PC components
- Gamestop: Regularly offers console bundles and merch discounts


- Amazon: Traditionally the most reliable for variety and price-cuts
- Dell: Good for variety and powerful gaming laptop builds
- Currys: Great for Switch console bundles and general game deals
- Very: Regular discounts on games, consoles, and accessories
- Argos: Low prices often with same day delivery
- The Game Collection: Frequently has some of the best game prices
- CDKeys: Some of the best prices going on PC games
- Game: Big savings on merch and pre-owned games

Should you wait for Black Friday gaming deals?

Yes, you should definitely hold fire on any purchases until Black Friday gaming deals kick off at the end of November. Like all tech, games get significant price cuts throughout the event and many items hit all-time lows. That includes everything from the latest PS5 titles to Xbox consoles, so there's little benefit to jumping the gun here.

However, on the flip-side of that, you'll need to be quick when the sales roll around. They can sell out quickly, and many form blink-and-you'll-miss-it 'Lightning Deals' on Amazon. In other words, stay alert throughout the week of Black Friday - getting the best reductions will depend on it.

Last year's best Black Friday gaming deals


PS5 Slim | Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 | $569.99 $499.99 at Best Buy
Save $69.99 - The PS5 Slim is the latest console to hit the shelves, and Black Friday had some early bundle offers for us. With the new design and one of the year's biggest games under its belt, this was a top pick.

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | 3 months Nintendo Switch Online | $299 at Amazon
Save $67.98 -

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | 3 months Nintendo Switch Online | $299 at Amazon
Save $67.98 - This was a Nintendo Switch deal we see every year, but it appeared as early as October. There's no bundles available any other time of the year that rival this value - with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Nintendo Switch Online packed into that $299 MSRP. 


Xbox Series X | Diablo IV | Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 | $638.98 $489 at Walmart
Save $149 - This was one of the best Black Friday gaming deals we saw last year. Not only were you getting a free copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (like we were seeing with so many other Xbox Series X bundles), but Walmart was also throwing in Diablo IV and cutting the price of the console by $10. 


Asus ROG Ally | $699.99 $619.99 at Best Buy
Save $80 - The Asus ROG Ally was one of the biggest releases of the year, so we certainly didn't expect it to be $80 off over Black Friday. This was one of our go-to offers, if it would just stay on the shelves.

DualSense Wireless Controller$69.99$49 at AmazonSave $20

DualSense Wireless Controller | $69.99 $49 at Amazon
Save $20 - You could once again grab the DualSense wireless controller for its lowest ever price at Amazon. This was the return of a sales price we only ever see during major events, though stock did move fast once that $20 discount is applied. 


Nintendo Switch OLED (Super Smash Bros. edition) | Super Smash Bros. | 3 month Nintendo Switch Online membership | $349.00 at Walmart
The official Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle scored you a free copy of Smash Bros with the appropriately themed console and a three month Nintendo Switch Online membership for free. That was excellent news for anyone holding out on their holiday purchase, offering the best value we've seen in an OLED bundle so far. 

Genki Covert Dock | $74.99 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $35 -

Genki Covert Dock | $74.99 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $35 - The Genki Covert Dock is one of the best things you can buy for your console we reckon, and it had never been cheaper than this $39.99 sale price. That was stunning news for anyone after a portable dock and charger.


Xbox Series S (512GB) | 3 months Xbox Game Pass Ultimate | $299.99 $249.99 at Best Buy
Save $95 -
If you were after the budget Microsoft console, you could pick up three months of Game Pass Ultimate for free when you go to Best Buy. That meant you were getting $44.99 worth of subscriptions included in the already discounted price of $249.99. 

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i 16-inch RTX 4080 gaming laptop| $2,749 $1,899 at B&H Photo
Save $850 -

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i 16-inch RTX 4080 gaming laptop| $2,749 $1,899 at B&H Photo
Save $850 - This was a stunning offer, putting an RTX 4080 rig - and the excellent Lenovo Legion Pro 7i no less - down to $1,899 at B&H Photo. We'd seen this rig jump up in price and then all the way back up to MSRP before this -- which was the best offer we've seen.

Specs: Intel i9-13900HX | Nvidia RTX 4080 | 32GB RAM | 1TB SSD | 240Hz QHD+ display 

Yeyian Yumi Gaming PC$1,199.99$829.99 at NeweggSave $370

Yeyian Yumi Gaming PC | $1,199.99 $829.99 at Newegg
Save $370 - This has to be one of the best PC deals we saw all year, an RTX 4060 rig for just $829.99. That was a price worth celebrating for sure. 

Specs: Intel i5-12400F | Nvidia RTX 4060 

Last year's best Black Friday gaming deals in the UK

PS5 | Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 | £479 £399 at Very
Save £80 -

PS5 | Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 | £479 £399 at Very
Save £80 - This was a fantastic discount for anyone looking to get in on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. Not only did Very knock the PS5 back down to its record low price, but it was also throwing in a free copy of the latest game. Considering we'd only ever seen bundles at this price once before (and with the much cheaper Lego Star Wars included) that was incredible value. 

Price Check: ShopTo: £399.85 | Amazon: OOS


Nintendo Switch | Switch Sports | 3 months Nintendo Switch Online | £259.99 at Amazon
Not only did this scratch the Wii Sports nostalgia itch, this Switch bundle also gave you three months access to Nintendo Switch Online and all the goodies (N64 games, for example) that come with it.


Super Mario Bros. Wonder | £49.99 £39.95 at Amazon
Save £10 - Super Mario Bros. Wonder only recently launched, but we were already seeing a £10 discount on the 2D platformer at Amazon. That was an excellent rate considering this is a major release. 


Pulse 3D Wireless Headset | £89.99 £67 at Amazon
Save £22.99 - Amazon returned to a record low price on the official Pulse 3D headset last year - after lifting that discount shortly after October's Prime sales. We'd only seen these wireless cups drop to £70 in the past. 


SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro gaming headset | £249.99 £179.99 at Amazon
Save £70 - The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless went straight to the top of our gaming headset guides when we reviewed it, and you could pick up a solid £179.99 sale price on it at Amazon. This was just £10 away from its lowest ever price. 

Gaming sales are some of the best on offer during Black Friday, and they aren't limited to one platform; we can look forward to Black Friday PS5 deals, Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals over the course of November. Unsurprisingly, this tech-heavy event will also be one to watch if you're hunting down Black Friday gaming PC deals or Black Friday gaming laptop deals. Those devices usually get the most scene-stealing discounts.

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